Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gifts for People Who Don't Give a Sh*t About The Environment

Not everyone cares about the planet as much as you do, but what sustainable, eco-friendly gifts can you give for people who absolutely couldn't care less about the environment?

You can find zero waste and eco friendly gifts that are a little more subtle, and the gift receiver doesn't even need to know they are sustainable and great for the planet (and available in Australia).

Forget beeswax wraps, reusable straws, expensive shampoo bars that they are never going to use. If you're gifting a present, you need to tailor it to the receiver or run the risk of them never using it, or worse, throwing it in the bin!

Here are some fantastic gift ideas for people in your life that just don't don't give a shit about the planet, but still meets your lifestyle ideals.

Sustainable Gifts for People Who Don't Give a Sh*t About The Environment

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This gift list is in no particular order and you will find suggestions for mum, dad, kids, teenagers, work colleagues and everyone in between.

(This post was originally published in November 2018 and updated September 2019)

1. A Gift in a Box (Delivered)

They don't give a crap, so gift them a giant box of recycled or sustainable bamboo toilet paper and they WILL use it because at some point they will run out of their plastic wrapped loo paper and resort to opening the box.

They might even read the paper wrappers and start to get why you care about the earth.

Convert them via their vulnerability and make sure they know it's free delivery to the door if they order it themselves. Check out Who Gives A Crap (there's usually a festive edition available in November).

2. For People Who Love Coffee

Who doesn't love a good strong coffee in the morning to start the day?

Cold brew coffee is the bee knees when it comes to creating the best cuppa with a full flavour and less acidity.

This Kilner Cold Brew Set allows you to make up to 2 litres of coffee, so there's no waiting around twirling your hipster moustache and philosophising on local politics.

Sustainable Gift for Coffee Lovers

Made from glass with natural muslin cloth filters, everything is reusable and no trash created, and it's shipped waste-free.

3. Classic Gift - With A Difference

Socks are just the classic gift for hard to buy blokes, but don't let tradition stop you from addressing the sock gender gap in Australia, these make a great gift for men AND women.

sustainable socks These organic cotton, fair trade plant trees in rain forests, give books or make the world better. Perfect for people with feet, these are very vegan (until worn).

Gift Socks that save the planet

4. Thongs that Tread Lightly

There's nothing more Australian than wearing thongs all summer, and nothing more sad than stomping on our precious beaches with unethical footwear.

The receiver of this gift will tread lightly on the planet all summer, blissfully unaware of how thoughtful you were.

Made from natural and recycled rubber, when you buy a pair of these Natural Rubber Thongs , you are actually helping support the community where they are made as well as aussie animals.

Natural Rubber thongs

5. For People You Work With

For all the haters you have to work with everyday and still can't put things in the right bin but find plenty of time to mock your efforts to save the planet.

Too right they donut give a shit! Celebrate their monumental crimes against the planet or other failings and show that yes, greenies have an awesome sense of humour!

The joke is on them! They now own a non-plastic reusable coffee cup !

Gift a Reusable coffee cup for people that don't give a shit

6. Time Conscious People

These sustainable, 100% Eco-friendly Wrist Watches are ethically made out of recycled aluminium rather than producing new aluminium and causing greenhouse gasses .

The leather is vegan and the company is committed to keeping a low carbon footprint while still making a fashion statement with beautiful watches.