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About The Good Life with Amy French

It's all about living a more eco-friendly & sustainable lifestyle, on the impossible journey to zero waste.


A growing collection of tips, instructions, stories and more for anyone interested in making life a little more sustainable, but keeping it real.


My aim is to keep it all as guilt-free as possible because let's face it,

no one wants to be confronted on a daily basis with horror stories of environmental

degradation or images of suffering wildlife.


One single change really can have a great impact!

What you will find on this site

>How to recycle, minimise waste, and get started on a zero waste lifestyle

>Practical ways to become more eco-friendly everyday


 >DIY alternatives to Beauty & Cleaning Products


>Simple, waste friendly food you can make at home


And more


I hope you find this site uncomplicated, interesting, useful and fun, AND feel more inspired and empowered to make small changes in your own lifestyle.

Feel free to comment, offer advice, suggestions or share your own experiences. I certainly don't know everything and I love hearing from people who visit the site.

Affiliate links are sometimes used on this site with full disclosure.

If you click and make a purchase on an affiliate link, the price is the same to you and I may receive a small commission, this helps to cover the costs of running this site and keep it up and running.

A bit about Me...

An average urban dweller, living in Semaphore (Adelaide, South Australia) with kids, and pets. 


I take a practical, realistic view of becoming more sustainable, and maybe even one day achieving a zero-waste household.


When I started to focus on making bigger changes to my lifestyle, I found loads of websites, books and articles were promoting methods, habits and hacks that sounded great, but a lot just weren't practical, were too expensive, too weird or just too hard for me and my family (AND many didn't even work!). Some of my crazy ideas don't work either, but I will share with you what works, what doesn't and provide an honest take on it all.

Passionate, but with a long way to go, I'm making changes slowly and enjoying a few laughs as not everything goes to plan. 


To read a little more on me and why I started this website head to my extremely late launch post.


I'm a proud Member of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network and an Ambassador for Zero Waste Week.


News & Media


1 Million Women;  How To Keep Food Fresh and Avoid The Trash

WWF Australia: 24+ Tips for going plastic free from Zero Waste Bloggers



Northern Beaches Mums : 6 Things You Can Do To Keep Our Beaches Beautiful

Pen2Paper Interview: Amy's Zero Waste Lifestyle 

Questions & Suggestions?

If you have a topic you think I should cover, or a project you want to see done, I'd love to hear from you. 

Questions, suggestions, criticisms - just drop me a line. I DO read and reply to every single message! 


You can also find me on social media if you prefer to chat online (just follow the links in the footer).

Work With Me

If you would like to collaborate, I'd love to hear from you. 


I love linking to useful content, interesting stories, experiences or initiatives that are happening to make Australia or our world a more eco-friendly place to be.

Guest Blog posts are welcome, if you have an idea on a relevant topic or want to share your experience then get in touch. 

I'm open to sponsored content, however only write my own honest opinions and experiences and am extremely picky about products and companies I'm willing to support. 

If you're a sustainable minded business, maker, writer of something else and located in South Australia, you may want to join the Adelaide Sustainable Collective Facebook Group. I have specifically set it up as a free place to connect, collaborate, chat and share sustainable stuff  (more from a business / community perspective than a personal journey of zero waste).


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