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Basic urban gardening tips, composting, growing herbs and other edibles.
Growing your own food and creating an insect friendly garden in your own backyard is a great way to live greener. 

Grow these easy kitchen herbs and create a bee friendly garden at the same time. Creating a functional garden that yields edibles and attracts beneficial bugs, insects, birds and wildlife to your yard doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. Once established, most of these plants will take care of themselves and provide ready access to useful herbs you can use in the kitchen

Growing avocado seeds is easy once you know how, but it does require a little patience. This post will take you through the key steps you need to do to get those seeds to grow into an avocado plant. Forget everything you have ever heard about it being difficult or impossible to grow an avocado seed! It is true that not all seeds will work (which is completely normal in nature), but in my experience most will successfully grow.  The steps below are exactly how I grow mine and it works about 80-90% of the time.

The trouble with picnics is that they often come with a lot of pre-packaged food, or food you have prepared wrapped up in cling wrap, which isn’t great for the environment. Here are some ways you can enjoy a plastic free picnic:

Newspaper is a great material for making your own seedling pots, and once grown they can be planted whole in the ground without disturbing your delicate new plants. I love this little DIY because as I head more into a plastic-free life I stumble across lots of little things that I never thought of like seedling punnets. I can now re-purpose my local newspaper and plant my own seeds rather than buy seedlings at the nursery or trying to hunt down and eco-friendly option.

We have finally got our first veggie verge set up on nature strip out the front of our house and it is brilliant. This is something we have been thinking about for over a year and when I started reading up on how to arrange a council permit and how to set one up it fell into the too hard basket. Although it did remain in the back of my mind, it seemed like creating an edible garden on public space was perhaps not going to happen for us.

Making a swap to more compostable items in our everyday lives means less landfill and less recycling. Here are items we use everyday that can be swapped for a compostable option. Whether you are on a journey to zero waste or concerned about the current recycling crisis, there are simple swaps you can make today to produce less waste at home. Many Australians now have access to council green organics kerbside collections and so many households aren't making the most of this great service. Even if you don't h...

If you're looking for a perfect present for a bee lover, bee keeper, or an avid honey eater, here are 25 beeautiful gifts to consider. These are eco-friendly, sustainable and all available in Australia. I am obsessed with all things bees and honey related and get a real buzz finding books on bees, natural beeswax skin care, gourmet honey and fun bee themed stuff.

For the black thumbs or green thumb challenged, this Kitchen Herb Windowsill Garden Kit is a great way to start growing your own fresh herbs at home. Everything you need is provided, including good quality soil, and all you need to do is follow the instructions and water it to have fresh herbs on demand. This is such a simple way to begin gardening and gain confidence in growing some of your own food. You just can't beat the flavour of freshly picked herbs and they make the best tasting dried herbs too. Herbs...

Making compost tea from kitchen food scraps is a great way to feed your garden, especially if you don't have a home compost system. This provides nutrients for your plants and helps to make the most of food that would otherwise be wasted.

Basil is one of the easy to grow herbs AND you can collect the seeds for planting, storing or sharing. Getting herbs plastic free can be a challenge, so if you're aiming for a zero waste or sustainable lifestyle, growing your own herbs is a great step forwards.

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