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Zero Waste Challenge 


Get started on a zero waste lifestyle.

Challenge yourself, or your friends and family to wage a War on Waste in your household over 10 Weeks.

Whether you are already on the path to zero waste, just getting started, or simply want to live greener, this challenge is in easy to digest weekly topics with loads of tips and ideas to get you started.

Most of us live busy lives and we want to live more sustainably, but we don't have time to devote to researching options and making drastic lifestyle changes.

This zero waste challenge takes it one step at a time.

It's free, you don’t need to sign up, and you can work through at your own pace.



If you have extra questions or want a little extra help, feel free to email me or start a chat on social media.


I've called it a War on Waste, because that's exactly what it is - You wont necessarily be zero waste at the end of it but you will have taken key steps that make a BIG difference.


War on Waste Challenge – Start here

Explains everything you need to know about starting the challenge

Week 1 How To Figure Out Your Local Recycling Options

Understand what you can recycle and how to do it better

Week 2  Waste Free Drinks on-the-go

Tips and tricks to avoid the trash but not convenience


Week 3  Zero Waste Takeaway Food 

Strategies for avoiding single-use plastics and BYO container

Week 4 How To Reduce Bathroom Trash 

Bathrooms can be a plastic mine field, here's how to fix it plus some helpful green beauty recipes


Week 5 War on Food Waste

40% of most household bins is food waste, but yours doesn't have to be - tips on organising, storing and making the most of food.

Week 6 Inspiration For Living with Less Waste

Have some fun and get inspired - movies, documentaries, books, podcasts and more to inspire your zero waste journey

Week 7 Simple Ways To Start a Low Waste Kitchen

Kitchens are a huge source of trash. Here are great ways to get greener and less trashier one step at a time

Week 8  Grocery Shopping For Less Waste

Simple swaps you can make in your weekly grocery shopping at the supermarket without spending a fortune

Week 9 How To Start Green Cleaning Your Home (and your Car)

DIYs and tips for cleaning your home naturally without polluting your home, landfill and waterways

Week 10  Wrapping up the War on Waste 

Final Steps - celebrate your wins, do a bin audit, drop off your recyclables and keep going green

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