Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $15

Wondering where to find inexpensive eco gifts that people will actually want to receive?

Don't sweat, I've done the hard work for you (well....some of it).

All these gifts are eco-friendly and budget friendly coming in at under $15, perfect for friends, family, teachers and the dreaded workplace kris kringle.

Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $15

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Gift shopping can be a huge source of stress, especially around Christmas, and it really shouldn't be!

As someone who absolutely detests shopping malls, I prefer to shop local markets, small businesses and online via responsible zero waste shops.

Of course, you don't have to give anybody a gift, but if you do want to, remember you don't need to compromise on your personal values to get into the spirit of things.

Live Green: 52 Steps for a More Sustainable Life (14.95)

Live Green: 52 Steps for a More Sustainable Life - $14.95

A perfect little pressie for anyone wanting to live greener but doesn't know where to start.

Live Green is a practical guide of 52 changes - one for each week of the year - you can make to your home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment.

Tackling all areas of life from cleaning routines, home furnishings, food shopping, fashion choices, natural beauty and Christmas, this book has all the ingredients to help anyone achieve a more sustainable year.

Dairy Free Chocolate Spread

Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - $9.95

Vegan and palm oil free, gluten free, dairy free and pretty much guilt free. It's also Australian certified organic and fair trade, and even better - is handmade in Melbourne.

For me, gifts and food go hand in hand, so I can't go past a yummy thing like this Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread.

Wrap this gift FAST before you put it on your toast, dip strawberries in it or just eat it straight from the jar.

Upcycled ring

Upcycled Bracelets - $7.95

Want your gift to be super cheap and super eco?

Then this upcycled spoon and fork bracelet will have you a cutlery above the rest! Who wouldn’t like a fair trade, upcycled piece of jewellery that helps support victims of landmines and domestic violence in Cambodia?

The best bit - they are also 100% recyclable!

Mason Jar Mug - $8.95

Spread the zero waste fever by gifting a nifty mason jar mug.

With a 340ml capacity and sporting a cute daisy cut silver lid that can fit a reusable straw, this is ideal for summer drinks.

Of course, you can make it extra special by filling it with fair trade chocolate or homemade treats, but you totally don't need to bother.

Powered by Tofu Pin - Australian Made

Powered By Tofu Pin - $13.50

Pins are the bomb, and what better way to appreciate the tofu lovers in your life. From the vegan to the dairy-free, who are absolutely sick of explaining how they get protein and calcium into their diet.

This is made in Australia by the Galahs Sister where you can find loads of beautiful bespoke handmade pins and jewellery.

Bee Seed Bombs - $12

A feel good AND waste-free gift that takes the effort out of helping to save the bees.

This beautiful linen bag of seed bombs contain a range of seeds to beautify any garden. Designed for summer planting and Aussie conditions.