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It's been almost a year since I began this site and today I thought I would share the most popular posts over this time. So, here is a list of the top 10 most visited posts, and to keep it entertaining, I'll also include the worst post of all time.

I've added a link to each of these, so if you missed it you can go and check out the ones that interest you. These aren't necessarily the best in my opinion, but they have hit the top ten of the most visited pages on the site.

1. Zero Waste and Illness

I wrote this when I was stuck in bed for a few weeks last October with the flu, and really didn't expect anyone to ever read it. I was only a couple of months into blogging and was having a bit of a whinge at my predicament, I'm amazed how many people still visit this post today. Turns out that I wasn't the only one frustrated with the impossible task of being remotely zero waste when struck down with illness. If you're fighting winter bugs, or chronic illness, then definitely have a read and remind yourself to not feel guilty.

2. How to Recycle Medicine Blister Packs

This was just a crazy idea I had one day and contacted my local waste authority to see if it would work and thought it worth sharing. Guess what, people really did want to know about this too (just not my family) and it has probably saved quite a lot of plastic and foil heading to landfill.

3. How To Make Ecofriendly Glitter

Well, so many of us love a bit of glam and glitter and with a 6 year old daughter I really wanted to find an ecofriendly alternative. This recipe is even better than traditional glitter and way easier to clean up. If you have kids, then you have to try this next time you haul out the art and craft supplies.

4. How To Make A Daily Face Moisturiser

This recipe took a lot of testing out but once I had it figured out, I was over the moon. I love hearing back from all of you that have tried it too. It is such a staple bathroom item and since making a number of swaps in this room, my problematic skin is so much better and I'm so happy I never have to buy this product anymore.

5. Forest App : Review and Tips

If you're looking to cut down wasted time on social media, the internet and other mindless activities on your phone or tablet, then this is a really fun app. I found this a great motivator to keep studying and have planted many many virtual trees as well as several real trees as a result. Its free on iPhone, ipad and android (although you do need to pay if you want to plant real trees). Just choose how long you want to ban yourself from the phone (you can still accept calls) and wait for your forest to grow.

6. Zero Waste Mothers Day Ideas

Frustrated by all the advertising for ridiculous items that mothers apparently want like slippers, foot soakers, dressing gowns, flowers, and other items far too boring to remember. This post shows how simple it can be to celebrate our mums or encourage our own family to realise us mums don't necessarily want bought things (Just a hot coffee and a lie in!). These ideas can be applied to birthdays, Christmas or just to make your mum feel special.

7. How to Repurpose Old Leggings

If I realised how many people would read this, then I may have chosen better looking worn out leggings instead of my holey, paint splattered ones. This is a fabulous way to prevent landfill and get even more use out of an otherwise worn out garment that most of us have at some point.

8. Is it Possible to Really Live a Zero Waste Life?

This is a lovely post written by Bonnie & Shane who live Chery gardens on their tiny farm, 9 Degrees Celcius. After following her for sometime on Facebook I got in touch to let her know I thought she was fabulous and would she consider writing a post for this site. I was absolutely excited when she said yes and I love what they wrote.

9. 12 Sustainable Goals For the New Year

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions and a few years ago mine was to eat more bacon. But, I do love goal setting and had a few areas that I wanted to make more sustainable in my life. That got me thinking about what sort of goals other people might be setting and the result was this post.

10. How To Reduce Your Household Food Waste (Plus ways to Reuse Food Scraps)

It is a super long title and packed full of tips to cut down on food waste, an area that is challenging to most of us. If you're still throwing away more food than you would like, check it out for some simple ways to fix the problem.

ok, now for the embarrassing part... you cant have the best without acknowledging the WORST

This is a little harder to narrow down as there are a few in this category and I'm still deciding what to do with them if anything. (I should probably delete them)

The Bog of Eternal Stench

Apart from the fact nobody is going to search how to attempt to turn their home compost into the bog of eternal stench, it was such a funny story to me that I wrote it down anyway (it still makes me giggle today). It's a bad post and google agrees, I think only 3 people have ever read it which was probably me, my partner and my mum.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at the top ten so far. I can't wait to see what adventures this year brings!

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