Being Unbusy

Its a Monday afternoon and rather than hurry home to do housework or cook dinner, I chose to be UNBUSY.

Weekdays are a bit of a drag and energy levels are often low on a Monday afternoon as I get ready to face the onslaught of what the week will bring. I have been attempting to make life a little less busy and this was so much fun to just take time out from the daily grind and see where we would end up.

First of our favourite places of all-time - Sarah's Sisters Sustainable Café in Semaphore, it is quirky, peaceful and the food is fantastic.....(an apricot almond yoghurt cake..YUM)

Second stop....well, this was an obvious one but the café is adjoined to a garden shop, so in we headed to check out the fish pond, duck and chooks....My daughter had a blast as she managed to pat befriend and pat a chicken and was then promptly chased off by the duck......

Last stop, the local Little Free Library....I love this because it keeps my girl interested in reading and opening all the little doors is a lot of fun!

This was a great way to wind down after the day and we both returned home in a great mood...I really love this 'unbusy' stuff and urge you to try it sometime.



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