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Zero Waste Leave in Conditioners for Hair (2023 Edit)

Why is it so hard to find zero waste leave in conditioners? It's so frustrating when you find a great product and it becomes discontinued and finding a replacement can take a lot of time.

Ages ago I write a post on 4 Zero waste leave-in conditioner options that I used and these are now impossible to get hold of, but I remain hopeful the products will make a comeback.

So here's my recommendations to try, several zero waste options and a few low waste options to consider.

Zero Waste Leave-In Conditioners

My hair always needs a generous helping of product to stop it getting out of control, so swapping out to plastic free and refillable options is important.

This post does contain some affiliate links. This means the price is the same to you, but if you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This all goes towards keeping this website up and running, thanks for your support💚

But First, before you peruse all the selections I REALLY NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!

Did you know conditioner bars CAN be used as leave in conditioner? Genius right?!

How did I find this out? Through sheer desperation actually, so I'm going to impart my experience with doing this so you can give it a go too.

How to Use Conditioner Bar as a Zero Waste Leave-In Conditioner

Step 1. Wash your hair as per normal (hopefully zero waste)

Step 2. Towel Dry

Step 3. Using your bar of solid conditioner, slide it downwards on your hair ,particularly in troublesome sections. You want to go light near the roots and heavier on the ends. AND start light! Depending on your hair type a little will go a long way and too much will leave it looking oily. You Can always add more later and the next day.

Personally, I need a daily Leave-in product and switch between which I use. As most people have far more manageable hair than me I won't go too much into frequency and volume as you will need to figure this out through a bit of trial and error.

Some of The Best Conditioner Bars You Can Use as Leave-In Conditioner

honey silk conditioner bar

Beauty & The Bees - I love their products, great for sensitive skin and top quality in everyway. Their honey silk conditioner bar smells amazing and I can recommend it for unruly hair.

Zero Waste conditioner bar for normal/dry hair

The Australian Natural Soap Company makes a zero waste conditioning bar for normal/dry hair. With cocoa butter, rosemary and lavender oil is excellent to add shine and nourish your hair and scalp.

eco friendly grapefruit vanilla conditioner bar

Ethique do some yummy scented conditioner bars including Too Delicious which is fabulous for dry and curly hair. I'm all about the extra hydration so how could i not mention this one! It's packed with hemp seed oil, shea butter and scented with pink grapefruit

zero waste leave in conditioner bar

Going Coco do some beautiful zero waste options, including this pomegranate and coconut conditioner bar with Moroccan argan oil . It's handmade in Australia by a small local business and is described as rivalling lush products so I am excited to give this one a try in the future, they sound divine.

zero waste vegan leave in conditioner

Aussie Organics Co do this organic vegan zero waste conditioning bar. The rich colour from from pink clay and it's packed with delicious sounding botanicals.

Other Zero Waste & Low Waste Leave-In Conditioners

I always have a preference for solid bars as they have less elements that remain once the product is used. However, not everything can be put into a cute block of hydrating goodness so here are some additional options if the bars aren't working for you.

refillable zero waste leave in conditioner

A Simple Planet make a zero waste leave in conditioner that's worth checking out. It comes in recyclable packaging and when you empty the refill pouch it can be returned for reuse. Note, they are USA based so this is probably not one I'll be trying anytime soon. I love their ethos, they even ship in reused packaging.

Leave in conditioner in a glass jar

Natural Lilley Leave-in conditioner is handmade and comes in a reusable (or recyclable) glass jar. Handmade down under with jojoba oil, shea butter, mango butter and other beautiful ingredients that are ideal for controlling frizz.

zero waste Leave-in hair conditioner in reusable tin

Gaia's Crown make a natural VEGAN leave in conditioner for curly hair, it comes in an aluminium tin for reuse or recycling. This is a US based hand maker.

black castor oil for hair conditioning

Now this is not exactly a leave in conditioner but I am in love with black castor oil so it gets a mention! Vrindavan is great for treating split ends, use sparingly! This is aussie made in the foothills in NSW by a certified organic processor.

I hope this helps you find your zero waste leave in product for happy hair.

And if you want to check out the original post, 4 Zero Waste Leave in Conditioners then you will find my absolute favourite option (Coconut oil) is never likely to stop being available!



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