How To Make a Simple Dandelion Salve

Dandelion salve is easy to make and a really handy item to have in your collection of natural bathroom lotions.

In this recipe, you'll be using fresh dandelion flowers to infuse oil, beeswax or plant wax and a little coconut oil.

This step by step tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to create a homemade dandelion salve to use on dry skin, hands,sore muscles and eczema.

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What Can Dandelion Salve Be Used For?

Dandelion is a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is often used to detox and may have anti-fungal properties too.

A homemade dandelion balm or salve can be used for a host of different purposes including;



>Dry or chapped skin

>Muscle Rub

>Cuticle and hand cream

> General moisturising balm

It's also a fabulous way to avoid packaged commercial skin care products.

Dandelion Salve Ingredients

Makes approx 120 mls

Takes 10 minutes (plus cooling time)

1/2 a Cup of Homemade Dandelion Flower Infused Oil

3 Tablespoons of Grated Beeswax

1 Tablespoon of Cocount Oil

Storage Container(s)

You can use a 120ml glass jar to store the entire recipe, personally I prefer to use 50ml jars which are handy for gifts, and 15ml glass pots for travel or makeup bag storage.

Note: To make a Vegan Beeswax- Free version of dandelion salve, substitute with

> 3 Tablespoons of Soy Wax


> 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Candelilla wax

*Please don't be put off by the use of dandelion infused oil.

I promise it really is super easy and low effort to make.

Pick the flowers from your backyard and follow the instructions here.

How To Make Dandelion Salve

>Roughly grate the beeswax (this will help it melt quickly)

>Add 1/2 a cup of infused dandelion oil, 3 tablespoons of beeswax and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into a small saucepan.

>Heat on low, stirring until everything has melted

Be careful not to overheat the oil, it shouldn't boil.

I use this little pot which has a heavy base and a small pouring spout.

> Pour into clean containers and allow to cool

Small jars will set pretty quickly, while larger containers might take a few hours to completely cool.

Once set, your dandelion salve is ready to use straightaway.

This makes a great zero waste gift for friends and family.

Dandelions bloom in spring (perfect timing for early prep of Christmas gifts!)

The salve should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources in a cool place and will last for 6-12 months.

Don't forget to label your jar so you know exactly what it is later.

(I have a really bad habit of not labelling things and spend ages working out what my lotions and potions actually are!)

Save this recipe somewhere you will be able to find again and you can enjoy making it every year when dandelions bloom!

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