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Sustainable Living Workshops Around Adelaide (To Help You Go Zero Waste)

Adelaide has lots of fabulous places offering sustainable living workshops and classes on developing your skills to be more self-sufficient while having fun.

Searching youtube how-to tutorials is just NOT the same as having a real life person showing you exactly how to make or do something yourself.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make more from scratch, try your hand at DIY projects and connect with other like minded people in the community, then these are the BEST places to check out around Adelaide.

Sustainable Living Workshops Around Adelaide (To Help You Go Zero Waste)

Think it’s all too expensive and time consuming?

Well some are free or just a gold coin donation and you can pick up a new skill in an hour.

Others are a little more intensive and do cost more, it all depends on what you choose.

These are all valuable in creating a life that is more self sufficient and less reliant on plastic, packaging and shopping.

Do you have more places to suggest? Share them in the comments


The Adelaide Remakery

Located in the centre of Adelaide they offer a big range of useful lunchtime, evening and weekend workshops and classes.

  • Learn to sew reusable bags,

  • Weave a fabric rug,

  • Upcycle textiles,

  • Repair clothing,

  • Make beeswax wraps and more.

  • They also offer some fun eco-friendly workshops and activities for kids.

Adelaide Sustainability Centre / The Joinery

Located in Franklin Street, Adelaide, The Joinery is home to the Adelaide Sustainability Centre and the Foodprint Experience sustainable café.

They offer a mix of events and workshops;

  • Make your garden native bee friendly,

  • Discover reusable zero waste items and make them yourself (like upcycling fabric into produce bags),

  • Attend sustainable film nights,

  • Clothes swap parties

  • Head to the repair café for help to repair your own items.

While you’re there, look out for the Grow Free Cart to swap home grown produce and seeds, and check out the electric car share.

The Joinery in Adelaide

Image from The Joinery

WEA (Worker’s Education Association of South Australia)

This place has been around since 1913!

WEA have a lot on offer and usually run classes and workshops on weekends and evenings.


  • How to live off the grid

  • Tips for Going Zero Waste

  • Gardening Stuff (pruning, composting, propagation, permaculture, Aquaponics)

  • Beekeeping,

  • Furniture restoration & upholstery

  • Cooking from scratch

  • Sewing (from basic to advanced, including altering and mending clothes)

  • Mosaics & Pottery

  • Leather Sandal Making

  • DIY Candles, soap making, and aromatherapy products


TAFE has so many courses available and many people don’t realise they have a great selection of short workshops which are super practical;

  • Sewing & Pattern Making

  • Screen printing

  • Jewellery Making

  • Pottery & Ceramics

  • Carpentry, furniture making and home maintenance

  • Beekeeping and Horticulture

  • Cooking (Artisan breads, beer brewing, cheese making, fermenting, smoking, sausage making)

  • Basic car maintenance and repairs

Living Smart

I'm officially a Living Smartie after attending weekly evening sessions a while ago. It is a brilliant way to get started on reducing your footprint, it's loads of fun and very family friendly.

Topics covered include;

  • Simpler living

  • Reducing waste

  • Water and energy use

  • Gardening for biodiversity and food

  • Healthy home and healthy you

  • Transport and community

Visit their site here and ask your local council to organise one in your area.

Willunga Environment Centre

Located South of Adelaide, the Willunga Environment Centre is another hub for sustainable eco living skills.

They offer lots of free workshops on a variety of topics and provide a place to drop off recyclables too.

Learn about;

  • Foraging

  • Basket Weaving

  • Create Reusable Party Decorations

  • Growing Nuts, fruit & veggies

  • Soap Making

  • Blending Your Own Teas

Port Environment Centre

Nestled in the western suburbs of Adelaide, the centre is community driven with a lovely focus on marine and coastal issues.

Workshops and events include;

  • Fish Basketry

  • Reducing Plastic (see below)

  • DIY Beeswax Wraps

  • Make your own produce bags

  • Compost and worm farming

  • Coastal native gardening

Plastic Free July in Port Adelaide

The Pear Cafe

A neighbourhood café based in Alberton (west of Adelaide) and hive of local activity.

You can learn to;

  • Knit

  • Cross stitch on hessian

  • Make reusable produce bags

  • DIY kokedamas and terrariums

  • Propagate plants in water

  • Book making

  • Native plants

  • Macramé

  • Botanical fabric dyeing

  • Make your own kombucha

The workshops change regularly so keep an eye out on the Facebook page and website.

Image from The Pear


This is really just a start to the places around Adelaide where you can learn skills to live more sustainably, increase your self-sufficiency and have fun all while reducing your impact on the planet.

P.S. I have a growing list of smaller, more specific topic focused classes & workshops around Adelaide that I'll share in the near future, stay tuned...

So let me know what others you have found that should be added.



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