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Seedy Cracker Mix

Zero waste crackers have been a struggle for me BUT making these seedy crackers from a mix of healthy seeds and no grains or oils couldn't be simpler. So if you're looking for a zero waste option, or just a healthy alternative to traditional crackers, you need to try this.

Seedy Cracker Mix

I used a pre-mixed seedy cracker blend for this because it all just seemed like too big a challenge to work it all out for myself. Plus, I love the idea of convenience food jars from bulk stores that take the mental work out of a recipe.

You DON'T need to buy a pre-blended mix though and there is a great recipe here that my awesome friend Love Earth Laura has tried and recommends, so I'll be giving that a go next time.

The blend I purchased from The Fields Wholefoods cost $9.99 and is on the expensive side, BUT these can't be directly compared to regular crackers like jatz or ryevitas because they are literally packed with nutrition and contain absolutely NO crap. Also, when buying a convenience jar, you are paying for someone to measure out all the ingredients and provide simple instructions, which I was more than happy to do this time.

If you are looking for a good variety of jar mixes, check out The Real Pantry too, who have so many drool worthy options. I keep checking out their rocky road blend, but am yet to try it.

Seedy Cracker Mix in a jar

As you can see above, the instructions to make crackers are super simple.

Tip the jar into a bowl and add a cup of water. I soaked the seeds in hot water and skipped the waiting time as they soaked it all up instantly.

These contain sunflower seeds, black and white sesame seeds, pepitas (or pumpkin seeds) plus linseed (aka Flaxseed).

Seed blend

All of these seeds are super healthy!

They contain lots of good fats like omega 3 & 6, along with vitamin E, manganese, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals that contribute to things like healthy skin, heart health, and general well-being.

They are also vegan AND your finished product will not contain palm oil, preservatives and high amounts of salt.

Spread the seed mix onto a baking tray

Spread the soaked seed mix onto a tray with baking paper (don't worry, you can reuse it).

The jar recommended making it 4mm thick, but I didn't measure and simply spread it over a large tray.

The key is really to make sure it isn't so thin it falls apart, or too thick that it's too dense to enjoy properly.

Sprinkle on some salt and then bake it for 30 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius.

Remove from the oven and cut into squares or rectangles and bake for another 30 minutes to crisp them up. (I did a taste test and added a little more salt before popping them back into the oven)

Zero waste seedy crackers

These turned out absolutely perfect the first time and it was kind of fun to hear them still crackle once removed from the oven.

There's no need to let them cool for long before you can start eating these either. I raided the fridge and tried them out with hommus and a few slices of cheese.

It made me so happy to have such a yummy treat and know that I was doing my body a favour at the same time.

This would be a great food item to make with kids because there is such a low level of effort involved.

I'm yet to see if I get the tick of approval from my little miss 7, but i think it's going to be a winner and a feature in the weekly school lunch box.

One of the biggest downfalls with zero waste cracker recipes is that I haven't found any that stay crunchy the next day. Because these ones are baked seeds, I am pretty confident they will still be great the next day and hopefully for several days (I'll add an update and let you know!).


Would you give this a try and replace your usual crackers?

I see so many things alternatives to the usual junk that are way better for our bodies and so much better for the planet. I'm always curious what draws people in to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle and have heard many stories of it all starting through a love of healthy food and from exploring better options.

Sometimes I AM more focused on the planet than my health. When I go to buy a pack of chips I first think of the stupid packaging....THEN think about the trash inside of it!

I will definitely be making these on a regular basis now I know just how easy it is to do.



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