7 Genius Ways to Re-purpose Your Coffee Grounds

Coffee is good for more than just getting you going in the morning. Finding a second life for coffee grounds can help save you cash, and live a more planet-friendly lifestyle.

That's right, your coffee is an excellent resource, even after you’ve finished sipping your morning cuppa!


Grow roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons or camellias?

Coffee fertiliser will become your new best friend!

Simply mix your coffee grounds with some grass clippings or brown leaves to neutralise some acidity, and spread around your plants.

You can also mix 1/2 cup of grounds and with warm water in a spray bottle for a home-made fertiliser mist.

Coffee grounds add nitrogen, potassium and magnesium to soil, all of which plants require to stay healthy.

If you grow carrots, they'll also benefit from your spent coffee grounds.

Before you sow your seeds, mix them with some old coffee grounds (dried is best!) to give them an extra boost.

You can also add coffee grounds directly to your compost pile, helping stabilise pH levels, which helps food to breakdown faster.


For a natural alternative, turn your old coffee grounds into lovely homemade soap to give your morning routine an extra caffeine kick.

We love this super simple recipe from 1 Million Women.

These gorgeous homemade soaps also make an excellent zero waste gift for family and friends come Christmas time.


Yep - your coffee grounds can double as soil enriching, chemical-free pesticide!

Sprinkling coffee grounds around your plants can help deter destructive garden pests like snails, slugs and ants.

Not only do they hate the smell and taste, the abrasive texture can be irritating to them, particularly for slugs and snails.

Sprinkle dry coffee grounds around your plants, along the foundations of your house, or pop some grounds in dishes on your patio to help keep critters away.


Most people use bi-carb soda for this, however coffee grounds are also great at absorbing strong odours (ironic, seeing as coffee smells so good)!

Simply put in an open container in the fridge / freezer to neutralise unwanted smells.


Wet or dry coffee grounds are abrasive, and can be very effective for cleaning heavily soiled pots, pans and dirty countertops.

The grounds are coarse enough to help with food stuck to surfaces, but also mild enough not to damage anything.

Note: Keep in mind that they may stain things like lighter coloured grout, so always spot-test before cleaning an entire surface. Simply toss the grounds onto the surface, and scrub with a sponge.


You love the smell of freshly brewed coffee right? Us too! Why not upcycle your old grounds into homemade candles!

Here's a simple DIY Coffee Candle recipe using environmentally friendly and natural ingredients. These also make gorgeous, low-waste gifts.


Coffee is great for your skin - replace that store-bought, packaged exfoliator with coffee grounds.

The grounds are mildly abrasive, helping to gently remove dead skin cells whilst rejuvenating your skin.

Simply mix with water and coconut oil, rub on whilst in the shower, then rinse.

Or could try this Coconut Coffee Scrub with Brown Sugar

Scrubbing with coffee grounds also speeds up the metabolism of fat, and blood circulation, reputedly reducing the formation of cellulite.

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Kayla Mossuto is a mother and caffeine lover on a mission to leave the world a better place for future generations via her Melbourne-base social enterprise Crema Joe – specialists in helping consumers to reduce waste with their reusable coffee pods. Check them out on instagram and facebook.

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