Make Your Own Natural Lipbalm

Want to know how to make your own natural lip balm at home? Using a coconut oil, Shea butter and beeswax base, these step by step instructions will teach you all you need to know to make your own.

I absolutely love making my own beeswax lip balm and it is the only lip balm I use now! Today, I am going to give you my recipe for making lip balm and show you exactly how to do it!

You will also be able to reuse your lip balm tubes by cleaning and refilling time and time again.

What will you need

1 tbsp. Beeswax 1 tbsp. Shea Butter 1 tbsp. Coconut oil Spoon for stirring Pipette Double boiling system (or too pots, one smaller than the other, and a stove) Lip balm tubes Essential oils

The steps that I share make roughly 6-8 tubes of lip balm, if you would like to make more than that, just multiply the ingredients proportionally.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients I find it helpful to gather all of my ingredients next to my stove before I begin. I like to set out all of my lip balm tubes so they are ready to easily be filled and everything is easy to get to.

Step 2: Set Up Your Double Boiling System I just use two pots on my stove to make a double boiling system. In the bigger pot, you will want to add about an inch high of water. You put that pot on your stove and turn the setting on high until you get the water boiling, then you want to turn it back down to low so you do not burn your ingredients. Now that your water is hot, you put your smaller pot inside the larger pot. The hot water will heat up the smaller pot enough to melt the ingredients but it won't burn them.

Step 3: Add Your Solid Ingredients Now that your double boiler system is set up, you can add your beeswax, Shea butter, and coconut oil to the small pot to melt down. Add 1 tbsp. of each into the pot and continue stirring the ingredients until they melt completely to a liquid.

Step 4: Remove the Small Pot After your ingredients are melted down, you want to take the small pot out of the water and let it sit for about 2 minutes off the heat. It is best to allow the mixture to cool down before you add it to the lip balm tubes for the best quality. This will allow you to continue mixing the ingredients as they cool down so you can get the right consistency. You also do not want to add essential oils in when it is too hot because they could evaporate off. It is best to add the oils right before you add the mixture to the containers.

Step 5: Add Essential Oils Once your lip balm has been off the heat for approximately 2 minutes, you can add your essential oils. For this post, I used a combination of lemon and peppermint. Add three drops of each flavour to the mixture and stir it together. I love the peppermint oil because it gives the lip balm that tingling feeling that I like. However, if you do not like that, you can choose different oils. The best oils to use are high quality, certified therapeutic grade oils because they are free from synthetic nastiest and many are safe for consumption.

Step 6: Add to Lip Balm Tubes Using the Pipette We are almost finished! Now that everything has been added together, it is time to put your lip balm into containers. Use you pipette to move the mixture from your pot to each of the lip balm tubes. I like to leave a little extra in the pan because you will notice as your lip balm starts to solidify, it will be lower in the middle. Once it has started turning yellow, I like to top each one off with a couple more drops. Also, if your mixture starts to solidify in you pot before you can get everything into your tubes, you can simply just add it back to the hot water to let in melt back down again!

Step 7: Let you Lip Balm Set Tadaa!! Your lip balm is complete! All you have left to do is add your caps and then let them sit for a few hours to completely solidify. I typically like to leave mine overnight to make sure it settles correctly. After this, you can design up a fancy label if you choose do so to add some character to your creations. I like to use Avery labels because they are simple and quick!

Here are some great essential oil combinations to use as well:

lemon and lavender citrus and peppermint pine and peppermint make your own!!

This Guest Post was written by Jennifer Merchant, a life coach who helps women live their lives healthy, fulfilled, and with a purpose. She is currently on her own health and wellness journey and loves to share her tips with others who may benefit from them as well. She makes many of her own products to help her live a chemical-free lifestyle. She also has a blog where she shares wellness tips and recipes at The Nectar Shack If you would like to find more tips and updates, you can visit her Facebook page where she shares updates and a weekly coaching tip video every Saturday at 10am.

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