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DIY Fizzy Bath Bomb Recipe

This Fizzy Bath Bomb Recipe works every time, taking only 4 hours to set before use. No special moulds needed. Enjoy in a relaxing bath, soothing foot soak, or even in the shower.

These can be lightly fragranced with Essential Oils for an at home spa experience. This is a low waste, ecofriendly option that is good for your mind, body and soul.

Fizzy Bath Bomb Recipe

We love bath bombs in our house and usually it is just the kids using it, while us adults get to enjoy the lovely aromas. For this reason, I go easy on the essential oils as adding too much can be really overpowering in a small room and ruin the experience. I use high quality essential oils that I know are safe and don't contain synthetic fragrances or other rubbish. Plus, as it is combined with coconut oil there is no risk of them getting neat essential oil on their sensitive skin.

As for the moulds, you can use silicone, plastic or metal cupcake trays, but also cookie cutters and ice cube trays make fun shapes, or just shape into balls by hand. I used to think I needed to buy special bath bomb moulds to make these and that was a huge put off for me as many were made of flimsy looking plastic and I couldn't justify purchasing the metal ones.

This recipe takes around 10 minutes to make and yields 5-6 extra large bath bombs or fills two ice cube trays.

If you can, use bulk stores to fill your own containers.



1 cup of Bicarb Soda

1/2 cup of Citric Acid

1/2 cup of Epsom Salts

4 teaspoons of liquid Coconut Oil

1 teaspoon of Water

A dash of food colour (approx. 1ml or 20 drops)

Essential Oils (Optional)


You will need

A whisk or spoon

Mixing Bowl

Measuring Cup


Clean surface with a bit of elbow room

Moulds - muffin trays, ice cube trays, chocolate moulds, cookie cutters (or you can shape by hand) Silicone moulds are best as they are simple to clean and easy to remove.



1. Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly in a mixing bowl

Bath Bombs: Mix Bicarb, epsom salts and citric acid

2. In a separate jug (or cup), mix liquids (Oil, water, food colour and essential oil if using) For the fizzy fish, I used about 10 drops each of blue and green liquid food colour plus 7 drops of essential oils

Here's proof oil and water don't mix! looks like a creepy science experiment.

Bath bombs: Coconut Oil, Food Colour and water

3. Now add this liquid really slowly to your dry ingredients.

If it begins to fizz, slow down as this could compromise the fizz level of your bath. Whisk or stir quickly with a spoon until it looks crumbly but is soft and a bit squishy.

4. Place into moulds or cookie cutters (or shape by hand), and ensure you press firmly. They need to be well compressed. They may expand a little while drying.

Making Bath Bombs with muffin tray

5. Allow to dry for at least 2-4 hours before removing from the moulds. 4 hours after making, these babies are ready to use.

How to Use

Add one large bath bomb to a normal sized bath.

The small fish cubes I like to use in the shower when I'm short on time, or in a relaxing foot soak after a long day (Double the essential oil quantities for these uses).

The coconut oil should leave your skin feeling moisturised but not greasy. Epsom Salts are a great muscle soaker and bicarb has some great skin benefits.

These really fizz up nicely and if you have any small annoying kids toys, these can be hidden inside the bath bombs when shaping. Kids get super excited waiting to see what is hidden inside (even if they already know what it is).


Suggested Fragrances

There are so many Essential Oils that you could use alone, or in combination. Here's a few suggestions:


Bergamot & lime

Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang


Rosemary & Lemon balm

Balance Relaxation Blend

Lavender Peace Blend

Geranium & Rose




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