Finding Your Zero Waste Tribe on Facebook

Looking for your zero waste tribe? You need to check out some of these great zero waste groups on Facebook. Here is a list to get your started including Australian specific zero waste groups and those that are global.

Finding Your Zero Waste Tribe on Facebook

Going zero waste, plastic free or just trying to take more steps to living greener can be a lonely journey.

If your friends, family and real life social circle have no interest at all in the zero waste movement, you really need to consider finding your online tribe.

There are a few places you can do this, but personally, I've found zero waste Facebook groups and special interest groups to be invaluable in asking questions, sharing tips, seeing what others are doing and sometimes just having a whinge.

Do check the rules and never join with the intention of spamming your business, it is poor etiquette and you will likely be removed promptly.

Do share experiences, ask for advice and always remember to be respectful. These groups don't support judgey, mean comments. It can still happen, and you can report this to the admins but first try to work out if something was lost in translations as it's easy to misread meanings that weren't intended with text.

Zero Waste Facebook Groups Around The World

There are so many zero waste Facebook communities that deal with low and zero waste living, so this section sticks to those that are useful no matter where you live.

You can learn a lot by seeing how things are done around the world and compare notes, get ideas and of course ask lots of questions. Many of these groups can help you find more localised groups too. Larger groups tend to be more active, enabling you to tap into the brains trust of zero wasters.

Begin The Journey 2 Zero-Waste

This group is great for beginners or those still finding their way. You can find many discussions dealing with starting out and has Over 15,000 members around the globe.

Journey to Zero-Waste

At almost nearly 100,000 members, this group is for people that are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Zero Waste Vegans

The purpose of this group is to provide a supportive community where people trying to live a zero-waste vegan lifestyle can share their thoughts, struggles, achievements, questions, and information regarding zero-waste veganism. This group is for everyone

Living Zero Waste in a Non Zero Waste Home

Created as a place for people trying to reduce their trash to get support when they live in a home (or society) that doesn't support a zero waste practice as well.

Plastic Free Support

Provides support on how to live a plastic free life and how to create a plastic free world. As we gain knowledge on how our personal purchases impact our health and environment, some of us are joining the plastic free movement. Whether you want to cut down on plastic in small ways, or in big ways, we are here to motivate and support each other. Limiting our plastic consumption is not always easy, so let's come together, ask questions, and share our ideas!

Zero-Waste: The Journey's Next Level

ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? You should only click ‘Join’ if you’re already managing your general waste effectively, are ready to tackle more difficult challenges and have 'competent to advanced' skills in at least two activities associated with sustainability or activism. For Example: ** Foraging, Dumpster Diving or Scavenging ** Networking, Logistics or Online Activism ** Upcycling or DIY that extends beyond crafting & basic home maintenance ** Food Prep that extends beyond managing the family meals ** Volunteering, Leading Community Activities or Animal Rescue Group members should be ready to embrace advanced, personal challenges such as: ** Focused and ongoing outreach or activism ** Living (or preparing to start) off-grid, homestead or sustainable lifestyles ** Transitioning to more globally sustainable diets ** Moving towards significantly reduced fossil fuel or water consumption ** Consciously developing 'out-of-the-box' approaches to a reductionist life-style

Zero Waste Heroes!

This Facebook group was set up due to popular demand after a successful Zero Waste Week.

Zero Waste Minimalist

You're into minimalism and you also believe in zero waste, this group is all about the life of those who adopt a minimalist and zero waste lifestyle. Owning less makes us happy, and producing less waste makes us happy too. Join the conversation and help encourage others to reduce their wants and be more conscious about the waste they produce.

Zero-Waste Student Living

This is a Zero-Waste space for anyone under the age of 30 who's a student or is about to become a student. Non-Students joining this group will, literally, bring about a Zombie Apocalypse so... awkward. This group is meant for students, not teachers, not professors, etc. This is so that we can create an environment where students feel free to be completely themselves and don't have to filter themselves.

Zero Waste Teachers

This group is for everyone who is an educator/child care provider ~ home schooling, public ed, nannies and guardians/parents etc. This group is for all gender identities and expressions and will not tolerate gender exclusive language 💚 Let’s share our tips to help the planet through our educating!

Zero Waste DIY Journeys

Doing DIY the Zero-Waste way! For example: repurposing, refurbishing, restoring, upcycling, utilising scraps of this and that to make something new, mixing your own makeup, self-care & cleaning products, building your hoard of home-made presents etc. Please note that food and gardening can only be discussed in terms of present making, event planning etc. This is a sub-group of Journey to Zero-Waste and J2ZW specialty groups are topic specific & don’t allow generalized ‘Waste Reduction’ posts & conversations. We encourage people to engage in the ‘Waste Reduction Journey’ on their own terms & to progress at their own pace.

Zero Waste, Zero Woo

If you understand the need to eliminate single use plastics and drastically reduce the amount of waste we create and are looking for helpful suggestions and support, but also have a basic grasp of science and understand that there's no such thing as chemical free anything, that fluoride is good for your teeth, that aluminium in your deodorant won't kill you, that vaccines save lives, that cannabis doesn't cure cancer, that blogs are not generally authoritative sources, that n=1 is not a sufficient sample size, and that David "Avocado" Wolfe has never said anything worth listening to in his life, then this is the group for you. Posting woo will lead either to warnings or to immediate booting, depending how tolerant the admins happen to be feeling!

Zero Waste Making Circle

A zero waste making circle in the hope to move forwards in both frugal living and helping the environment by reducing waste and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. The aims of this group are:  For members to gain an understanding of what they can make at home to reduce cost and wastes and the process behind it.  To introduce or re-familiarise participants with the process of making consumables; perishables; detergents and cosmetics.  To practise using these processes to reach better environmental and cost effective living. I have created a tailor made plan of varied workshops that will cover homemade detergents, re-usable's, consumables and cosmetics. AND to support the incentives of Surfers Against Sewers and promote a disposable plastic free community.

plastic free, zero waste food

Australian Zero Waste Facebook Groups

If you're living in Australia, finding Facebook groups that focus on aspects of being a zero waste aussie is super useful and fantastic for sharing zero waste tips, experiences and to ask questions.

There can be considerable differences between Australia and the rest of the world so narrowing it down can be helpful.

Zero Waste Down Under

As the name suggests, this group is for anyone in Australia going zero waste.

War On Waste AU

This group is focused on, and dedicated to reducing all waste, from the household to the hospital. Share your inventions, recycling ideas, any details on proven re-usable products and all waste-buster groups and businesses. Tell us your tricks and tactics, to refuse, reuse, save money and be the solution. We respond to the ABC War On Waste documentary series which is compelling the nation to seriously re-examine the ways we consume, discard and dispose of the mass produced.This is an Australian based group, so please keep information about Australia not overseas.

Zero Waste Aussie

A group to discuss information and ideas regarding zero waste and sustainable living and environmental care. Positive change starts with one person.

Sustainable Living Australia

A group intended for Australians to have a community feel within the country, state, city and townships! If it is not stated that you live in Australia or is obvious, unfortunately, you will not be added to the group! A space for those interested in sustainable living. AUSTRALIA ONLY e.g. zero-waste, minimalism, community gardens, vegetarian, vegan. Share local businesses and own stories of sustainability, ask questions and give advice. Positivity only ✌️️

Bulk shopping, zero waste

Australian State & Territory Based Zero Waste & Plastic Free Support Groups

Locating a very local group for your state/territory, city or even suburb can be invaluable. They can help find local bulk shops, specific zero waste items, local events or workshops and other organisations as well as connect to like minded people locally. I've met some amazing people through my local zero waste groups.

These are just the groups I have found so far, but feel free to let me know the details of your local group and I'll be happy to add them to the list.


Zero Waste Adelaide

We want to care for others through caring for our environment. One of the biggest impacts that we each have on the environment is our household waste (both landfill and recycling). This group is to help support each other in the goal to reduce or even create zero waste!

Reduce Reuse Recycle in Radelaide

A space for sharing ways to Reduce Reuse Recycle in Adelaide. *Apologies to those who do not like the term 'Radelaide' for Adelaide but it works for the alliteration 😉

Port Adelaide/Lefevre Peninsula Reduces, Reuses and Recycles Right!

A friendly and supportive community group committed to reducing waste, reusing resources and recycling in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

Zero Waste Heroes Adelaide

This group has been set up to share ideas and options with other people who are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Plastic Free Adelaide

From plastic pollution, to the draining of precious resources, to the negative impact on our health, there are a whole lot of reasons to reduce our plastic consumption. We want to make Adelaide the leaders in living life without plastic!

War On Waste Adelaide Hills

This group focuses on reducing waste specifically in the Adelaide Hills region.

Adelaide Waste Collective

Sharing ideas for achievable ways of reducing waste throughout the community, and gain support of the group in putting them into action. This group is specifically about taking action, rather than sharing advice or promoting other things.


Zero Waste Tasmania

Share information, ideas and inspiration on ways to produce less waste at home and in your community. This group has a Tasmanian focus, but accepts discussion around waste reduction that is relevant to other areas. Whether you are new to waste-free living, or you already living without waste, or are somewhere in between, you are we welcome to participate. .

Zero Waste Reusables Exchange Hobart

This is a page where you can exchange or offer any recyclables or reusables to other members, share great craft ideas and have general discussion


Zero Waste Victoria

Sharing information and resources, to help each other reduce rubbish sent to landfill.

Coburg Reduce Reuse Recycle

A place to: - Give away things you don’t want/need anymore - Ask if anyone has what you need before you go out and buy it - Ask for/share advice re how to reduce waste - Ask for/share local businesses that support reducing waste (eg deli/butcher etc that allows BYO containers) - Generally support each other in the pursuit of minimising waste

Zero Waste Westies (Melbourne's Western suburbs)

Zero Waste Westies is all about sharing experiences, knowledge, ideas and inspiration in a supportive and respectful environment on our journey to a zero waste lifestyle.

Towards Zero Waste Bendigo

Through free public events and activities our group aims to help the community creatively rethink our relationship with waste. Why are we so passionate about waste? In reducing waste we have the opportunity to reduce a number of other environmental resources along the way.