Make The Perfect DIY Natural Face Powder

Making your own natural face powder at home is super easy and I'll explain how. With a basic DIY recipe using arrowroot flour, cacao powder and clay, you can get the perfect colour match for your skin.

This is a fabulous zero waste option to store bought translucent powder that is better for your skin AND the planet.

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As I run out of bathroom and makeup items, I'm attempting to replace them with natural, homemade and zero waste options. This doesn't work for everything, but bathroom and makeup items are high on my list due to the ingredients they usually contain, AND the difficulty in recycling packaging.

PLUS I have a huge dislike of marketing ploys that are constantly telling us we aren't good enough and must cover up flaws or spend up on miracle cures. Switching to homemade items also means my daughter can safely muck around with my makeup occasionally and I know it's harmless.

I admit, I don't understand more than half the ingredients in store bought products, but I do know I prefer all natural ingredients, and this recipe feels great on my skin.

Here's my empty compressed powder container, and at the moment, I have no clue how to recycle it. It's mixed plastics along with metal and a small mirror. I plan to clean it and use in another homemade beauty recipe. It's not the best option for loose powder, I'm using a closed container for that.

Making the right colour for face powder isn't difficult, but as everyone has a slightly different skin colour, I can't tell you the exact quantities of each ingredient you will need - but I will explain how to create your colour and test it out. Note down quantities you add if you want to create your own formula and make it quick to create next time. I didn't so this, but I find I'm browner in summer and whiter in winter so I'll just match it to the season when the time comes.

You really don't need to get it completely perfect as it is translucent and will allow your foundation or natural skin tones to shine through.


> Organic Arrowroot Powder (the base) is beautifully soft on skin and when you try it you're going to wonder where this has been hiding all your life.

You can find non-organic arrowroot in the baking aisle in the supermarket. You don't need a lot, so this small 50g jar of organic arrowroot is perfect, and when empty, the the jar is pretty handy.

>Raw Cacoa Powder- full of antioxidants and smells amazing (pronounced kakow). It's a fabulous ingredient in smoothies and home baked goodies as well as for beauty recipes (including as a dry shampoo ingredient for brunettes). Again, organic cacao is ideal, but whatever you have in the pantry will work fine.

> Clay Powder - Naturally comes in many different shades and isn't dyed. Look for bentonite, French, kaolin, or Australian clay. You can find it in browns, pinks, nudes, yellows and more. Pink clay is probably the best for colour blending.

If you already have a 100% clay scrub or mask, go ahead and use it for this recipe!


>Beetroot Powder - If pinker tones suit your skin, beetroot powder is a great addition to blend the perfect colour. Go easy on quantities.f you go overboard, don't sweat, you can use it as blusher.

Here's my mess of arrowroot flour, cacoa powder and a little French clay.

Mix well (I just used a teaspoon) and make sure the colours have blended properly.

Tip: once applied, test the colour by viewing under GOOD indoor lighting and take a mirror OUTDOORS to see how it appears in natural sunlight.

If it's too light, add more cacao and clay.

Too dark - Add more arrowroot

I LOVE the chocolate smell when I apply this in the mornings and it has been fabulous for covering up my epic sunscreen sheen during summer. Now you know the basics of how to create your own natural face powder, go raid the kitchen pantry! You'll love how soft this is on your skin and you're going to save a small fortune in cosmetics by making this green beauty swap.

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