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BEST Zero Waste Ice-cream and Icey Pole Moulds For Summer

Here are THE BEST Zero Waste icey pole moulds for this summer that I just know you're going to love as much as I do.

From unicorn popsicles, frozen ice straws, ice-cream sandwiches and reusable squeeze pouches, these moulds are genius ways to skip the ice-cream shop and go zero waste.

Whatever your purpose, I've got you covered here with super fun options.

This post does contain some affiliate links. This means if you click and purchase, the price is the same to you, and I receive a tiny commission which helps me keep this site up and running.

BEST Zero Waste Ice-cream and Icey Pole Moulds For Summer

Homemade icey poles and ice-creams are a fabulous way to create healthy frozen treats and no single-use plastic or waste. You can also get away with throwing in a few sneaky fruits and veggies like I do - Seriously, you can!

Here is a list of the BEST ones I have seen lately, and they are pretty awesome!

1. Mermaid Tail Icey Pole Moulds

These Silicone Mermaid Tail Moulds are just adorable, BPA Free, dishwasher safe and Australian designed.

Ideal for freezing yogurt or juice before it expires - mix in some fresh fruit, fill the tails and pop on the lid to freeze.

When ready, squeeze from the bottom to eat, just like a Calipso, only better.

Mermaid Icey pole Silicone Moulds

2. Fruity Popsicle Moulds

These tropical fruit popsicle moulds come with reusable sticks and can be filled with fresh juice, pureed fruit or homemade ice-cream.

As they are individual moulds, there's no need to wait for them all to get eaten before you refill.

Tropical Fruit Popsicle Moulds - watermelon and pineapple

3. DIY Zero Waste Ice Cream Sandwiches

This mini Ice-cream sandwich mould is fantastic for creating your own plastic free versions at home.

You could use homemade cookies, or create a mini layered ice-cream cake.

Thinking you will never get the cookies the right size? no sweat, you bake the cookies in the mould, (they give you a recipe) and these freeze in under 1 hour.

Ice cream Sandwich mould

4. Reusable Zooper Doopers

These reusable icey pole pouches can be filled, used and washed over and over again.

They come in a pack of 20, so instead of relying on a 4 or 6 serve mould, you can make a bunch of these and freeze them in batches. Summer birthday party anyone?

Great for saving homemade juice and smoothies for later and the handy label means you wont mix the kids ones up with the adults.

Such a fabulous alternative to avoid icey poles with single-use plastic.

Zero Waste Zooper Doopers

5. Double the Love

Here's a way to get double the zero waste fun with this double ice pop mould.

These don't come cheap, but are built to last and freeze super quick. I particularly love items that are built for the long term, it means I don't have to think too much about disposal AND can use them indefinitely.

Comes with reusable bamboo sticks and a sturdy holder.

Double pop mould with reusable bamboo sticks

6. Soft-Serve Ice-cream

These are pretty cute! You fill the ice-cream section with yoghurt or your choice of ingredients and freeze upside down.

When ready to eat, run under the tap and pop them out. The pretend cone catches the drips.

We have a set of these from the opshop, but you can find them here.

soft serve icecream look moulds for homemade frozen yoghurt

7. Unicorn Popsicles

I LOVE these silicone unicorn moulds. We have some die hard unicorn fans at home so we are always checking out fun unicorn stuff (most of it isn't zero waste like these though!!)

This comes with reusable sticks and works best with juice, and as the stick is within the mould, you will be able to layer veggie juice for a rainbow look.

Unicorn Icey pole moulds - silicone

8. Real Watermelon Paddle Pop Cutter

Having a Watermelon paddle pop cutter is such a simple way to make kids believe they are having a freaking awesome treat.

It also means you can pre-prepare loads of these before a party so go ahead and buy an ENTIRE WATERMELON not one with plastic wrap.

You can definitely freeze these, but serve frozen as they will go mushy when completely thawed.

Once school goes back, you can even use this as a sandwich or cookie cutter - gotta love items with more than one use!

Watermelon Paddle pops Cutter

9. Ice Straws

Quit plastic straws and replace them with ICE straws.

I love these ice moulds because they are fun for kids AND grown ups.

Use water or juice and skip single-use.

Note, they don't technically replace straws as there is no centre hole, but it will keep your refreshments cool.

10. Cactus Silicone Icey Pole Moulds

I know the cactus and succulent fad has been around for a while now, but I can't get enough. These silicone cactus moulds are the bees knees and perhaps too cool to allow your kids near them.

It just makes me want to plan a mexican themed party!

Cactus Icey Moulds

What do you think? Are these super fabulous ice-cream and icey pole moulds going to help you be more zero waste and skip the single-use plastic?

Which is your favourite? I'm sorry to say I have fallen in love with ALL of them. Homemade icey poles have certainly come a long way since I was a kid!



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