25 Beeautiful Gift Ideas For Bee Lovers and Honey Addicts

If you're looking for a perfect present for a bee lover, bee keeper, or an avid honey eater, here are 25 beeautiful gifts to consider. These are eco-friendly, sustainable and all available in Australia.

I am obsessed with all things bees and honey related and get a real buzz finding books on bees, natural beeswax skin care, gourmet honey and fun bee themed stuff.

I think my honey obsession started at a young age when every year we would go to the agricultural section of the royal show and do the honey tastings - it was my favourite thing to do and I still love it.

For years I had a bee phobia to the point where I would literally run away if I saw a bee, much to the amusement of everyone around me. Super embarrassing too! All this aside, these days I'm encouraging bees in my garden and am fascinated with them and still a little over cautious.

I have found so many absolutely gorgeous bee and honey themed gifts, this list is my favourite finds.

Perfect if you're looking for a gift or just something for yourself.

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1. The Bees Knees Card & Necklace

Who wouldn't want to be told they're the bees knees!

This is a super cute, affordable and thoughtful gift card, suitable for birthdays, mother's day or just to say thank you.

Find it here for $12.99

2. The Bee Book

This is one of our favourite books! It is written for kids, but it's a beautiful read with lots of pictures and amazing facts celebrating bees and why they are so important in our world. Find it here for $24.99

3. Gourmet Honey Gift Box

Honey lovers will appreciate this gift box which comes with 3 jars of Australian suburban made raw honey, a pure beeswax candle and a free honey lollipop. These bees collect from native Australian trees, wildflowers.

Did you know Honey flavours are the result of flowers and trees that bees visit?

Find it here for $42.95

(Sorry SA, TAS, WA, you can't get hold of this one)

4. Kilner Glass Honey Pot and Drizzler

This glass honey pot has a rubber seal and clip closure to keep honey safe, super handy for refilling at your local bulk store. The wooden honey drizzler helps to keep it free from toast crumbs and butter.

Find it here for 19.95

5. Moroccan Mango Honey Candle

This stunning dual wick candle is made from natural essential oils and extracts with a honey mango fragrance. Hand poured in Melbourne, the wicks are made from cotton and provide 80 hours of candlelight.

Find it here for $59.95

6. Honeycomb Decompostion Notebook

Made from recycled paper, this pocket notebook will help any busy bee get more organised or jot down their bee-rilliant ideas. Sewn bound and printed using bio-gas, makes a practical AND sustainable gift.

Find it here for $8.95, shipped zero waste.

7. Organic Honey Luxe Body Mousse

Ligurian honey is my absolute favourite, made from extra special bees from Kangaroo Island. This honey body mousse is mixed with propolis to protect and nurture skin and smells devine. The honey fragrance along with vanilla and blood orange make this super yummy. A sustainable aussie made and owned product.

Find it here for $25.95

8. Bee Print Biodegradable Dish Cloth

I am usually against gifting boring household items BUT this biodegradable dish cloth is just too adorable. Made from cotton and cellulose these last for around 6 months and can be disposed of in the home compost or worm farm. Ideal for a small thank you gift or a great item to add to a gift basket.

Practical, sustainable and plastic-free, these are fab for wiping down benchtops.

Find it here for 6.95

9. Bees Make The Best Pets Book

Trying to convince someone just how great bees are? This is the perfect book for the bee-curious. Full of useful tips, fun bee trivia and hilarious reasons why bees are the best pet you can have. They don't bark, give you fleas, steal your food and you'll never be tempted to dress them up in amusing costumes.

Find it here for $22.99

10. Next Level Gourmet Honey

Made in Mudgee, New South Wales, by a bee lover, this is the real deal raw honey. Includes Eucalyptus honey, Macadamia Crunch and Honeycomb, I'm drooling already. This gift doesn't require wrapping.

Find it here for $50

11. Queen Bee Coffee Mug

I love this and it's big enough to fit a decent sized coffee, or a big hit of milk & honey. Yes, it's dishwasher safe - because no queen wants to be wasting precious time at the sink.

Find it here for $12

12. Beekeepers Bible

With more people thinking about keeping their own bees either in suburbia or rural locations, this bible is THE book to have. Covering everything you need to know, step by step instructions with pictures along with so many DIY's and recipes for honey & wax. I don't plan to keep bees BUT I love this book because it's so interesting and has lots of tips for creating a bee friendly garden too.

Get a Hard Cover copy here for $70

13. Bee and Leaf Ring

This gorgeous adjustable ring is handcrafted in Australia and I love the detail of the bee and gold leaf. It does come in different sizes, made to order and is gift boxed.

Find it here for $22.80

14. Australian Organic Honey Comb

100% Australian made and certified organic honeycomb will take your morning porridge or next cheese platter to a whole new level. Perfect foodie host/hostess gift.

Find it here for $22.15

15. Honey Sticks Beeswax Bath Crayons

Kids love bees too and these honey stick bath crayons are a natural, non-toxic way to have more fun at bath time. Made from natural sustainably sourced beeswax and soy, they wash off easily. Comes in a tin can with drainage holes, that can be reused or recycled.

Find them here for $20.95

16. Vanilla Honey Moisture Mask

With Kakadu plum, antibacterial honey, mango butter, pomegranate and more, this is true skin food. Cruelty free and packed in BPA free recyclable packaging, it's a beautiful Australian made product that is also safe during pregnancy.

Find it here for $24.95

17. Honeycomb Wine Rack

For those with a love for honey AND wine (or just honey wine), this hexagonal honeycomb wine rack is perfect. Made from cast iron, holds 9 precious bottles.

Find it here for $22.99

18. Bee Lunchbox

Bee cool with this buzzy bee insulated thermo lunchbag. I love the extra carry strap, perfect for little ones with way to heavy school bags. BPA, PVC and phthalate-free and fits Yumbox and Goodbyn lunchboxes.

Find it here for $34.99

19. A Subscription to Australasian Beekeeper magazine

The first issue came out in 1899, this unique magazine is aimed at the backyard beekeeper as well as those doing it professionally. Covering a huge range of topics relevant to the doers rather than the dreamers.

Get it here for $25 for 3 months or $94 for 12 months

20. Honey & Beeswax Gift Soap

Handcrafted in the Blue Mountains this is an all natural beeswax, honey & calendula soap. It also contains organic coconut oil and other yummy skin friendly ingredients completely free from synthetic fragrances.

Find it here, direct from the maker for $12

21. Mummy to Bee

A beeutiful little sign for the mum to bee and perfect for a baby shower or just to congratulate someone who is growing a brand new human.

Find it here for $11.99

22. The Honey Factory

What happens in the beehive, doesn't have to stay in the beehive. Get the lowdown on what the Queen really does, what the workers are up to and their amazing ways of communicating.

Find it here for $32.99

23. Native Australian Bee Poster

I discovered this when we went to a bee hotel making workshop and it is such a handy resource for identifying native bees you might see in your garden or on nature walks. These are available for different states of Australia and make a beautiful framed print.

Find them here for $20

24. Bee Hotel

A little garden bee hotel for native bees is a cute gift for bee enthusiasts and gardeners. We can't afford to lose our native bees and this is such an easy way to help them.

Made in Brisbane from repurposed timber boxes and bamboo weeds. Did you know bee houses shipped to Australia from other countries have to be treated for pests? It also means bees and insects won't move in. So stick to locally made bee hotels.

Find it here for $69

25. Beeswax Wraps with Affirmations

I couldn't NOT mention beeswax wraps! These are particularly great ones for gifting as they have positive affirmations on the wraps. Super cute and I'm loving the happy hippy vibe of the colours.

Get them here for $26.95

This is just a taste of the fun, interesting and unique gift ideas for bee lovers and honey connoisseurs in your life. Now the problem is choosing!

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