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Green Cleaning Wood Floors

Green Cleaning wood floors with this natural DIY recipe will keep them looking beautiful and free from streaks without chemicals.

Wood Floorboards can be easily damaged using chemical cleaning solutions and replacing store bought chemicals with natural solutions is going to be so much better for your family and home.

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Green Cleaning Wood Floors

Hard wood floors are durable and will last a lot longer than carpets, laminate and those fake wood floors. They really don't need a lot of taking care of, so overdoing it can lead to them looking dull and worn very quickly.

Never use a steam mop on wood flooring, and use a dust broom to collect dust and dirt rather than vacuuming, it is much gentler.

Household cleaners like bleach, pinoclean, ammonia, methylated spirits and other household detergents will actually damage the surface of your boards over time, not to mention the toxic nature of some ingredients.

I've had floor boards in most houses I've lived in AND have seen the damage caused by seemingly good choices off the shelf at the supermarket. Some wood floor cleaners from the cleaning aisle will also leave a residue that builds up over time, so be aware.

There is a bit of debate as to whether vinegar is an ideal thing to use, but after so many years of experience, I know this is the best choice I've come across. Do steer clear of using citrus infused vinegar as it is a little too overpowering for floors.

Natural Cleaning Solution for Floor Boards

Green Cleaning Wood Floor Board Recipe

Fill your mop bucket with warm to hot water

(it shouldn't be so hot that you cant hold your hand in the water)

Add 1/4 of a Cup of Vinegar

Add 4-6 Drops of Essential Oils

Make sure the mop is well wrung out before beginning, as you don't want to leave puddles of water on your wood! Mop as normal, and the job is done.

Great Essential Oils to use for Floor Boards:

Peppermint or Cedarwood (Fantastic for deterring ants and insects)

There are many more oils you could use but I stick to the more cost-effective ones that provide a clean, fresh fragrance.

I hope this inspires you to show your floor boards some lovin' so you can enjoy them for years to come. Happy Cleaning!



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