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Make Your Own Naturally Scented Botanical Drawer Sachets

This is a quick and easy DIY tutorial for making your own naturally scented botanical drawer sachets that smell amazing and repel bugs.

Using ingredients link star anise, cinnamon and lavender, these sachets help keep out moths, silverfish and other pests while keeping your drawers smelling fresh.

DIY Botanical Drawer Sachets

Scented drawer sachets may sound like something only your grandma would have used, but it shouldn't be that way. Using natural products, you can make your own zero waste scents AND protect your clothing and cupboards from pests like silverfish and moths.

This post does contain some affiliate link. this means if you click and make a purchase, the price is the same to you, but I may receive a small commission that helps to keep this site up and running. Thanks for your support!

About the Ingredients

Star of Anise has plenty of uses in cooking and home remedies and smells a lot like liquorice. Due to it's properties and aroma, it is valuable in repelling pests too.

Bay leaves are another great herb for cooking that can provide natural pest control. The leaves help to deter cockroaches, ants, fleas and moths making them a great addition to drawer sachets as well as the kitchen pantry.

Most bugs are not a fan of cinnamon, however the fact it smells so lovely is enough reason to add this ingredient. You can use the powder, but I really recommend getting hold of the sticks for a longer lasting scent and to ensure the powdery bits don't fall into your clothes drawers.

Rosemary is particularly important if you have silverfish and if you can grow it in your garden, it can help mask the scent of some edibles so they don't get nibbled on by garden dwellers. Lavender has similar benefits and of course, smells amazing with the rose petals if you are looking for natural, non chemical fragrances in the home.

Essential Oils can add beautiful scents and contribute to repelling pests, but I recommend choosing something that smells good to you. There's no point adding lots of clove oil and then feeling repelled yourself! Try lavender, sweet orange or peppermint.

How gorgeous do these ingredients look!

Botanical Drawer Sachet ingredients

What You Will Need

Here is a list of ingredients to use to make your own drawer sachets. If you can source some from your garden, that is fantastic, but if not, the herbs are readily available in the supermarket or bulk stores.

Rose petals and lavender may be able to be foraged in your neighbourhood, from a friend or at a specialty shop like the Honey Shoppe in the central market.

Cheesecloth or Muslin cut into squares

(or a small drawstring bag)

Dried lavender

Dried rose petals

Star of Anise

Dried Rosemary

Bay Leaves

Cinnamon Sticks

A cotton ball or an old piece of cotton fabric

Cotton String

How to Make the Sachets

Set out your ingredients and cut the muslin or cheesecloth into squares. (You can also use bath tea bags or reusable coffee bags instead or cutting fabric if you prefer.

I added half a Cinnamon stick, a star of anise, a bay leaf, a stick of rosemary, lavender and several rose petals.

Set out your ingredients on muslin or cheesecloth

Once you are happy with your additions, fold the cloth in half. Using a jar or rolling pin, hit the items gently to break them up a little. This helps to ensure the aroma is released, and don't forget to fold over as your cinnamon and anise will fly around the place.

If the anise is too strong, remove half of it.

folding the fabric to crush the ingredients

Now to add the essential oils. Use a cotton ball, or for a more sustainable option, a small scrap of cotton fabric from old clothing or a sock.

Place it on your square with the other ingredients and add a few drops of essential oils.

I really love Eco Modern Essentials which is a sustainable Aussie Brand that manufactures locally and ships low waste. Wherever you choose to purchase your oils, make sure they are good quality and ethically produced.

Choose something you like the smell of, I prefer orange, bergamot or lavender for this because they go so well with the ingredients.

add essential oils to the drawer sachet

Now everything is in, bunch up the edges to form a little pouch and tie it closed with cotton or jute string.

Using natural items is best, but use what you have.

tie together to form a pouch

It's useful not to tie it too tight as you may want to refresh the ingredients in the future.

You now have your own naturally scented botanical drawer sachets that can be popped into your wardrobe, drawers or linen cupboard. When the seasons change, top up with a few drops of essential oil to maintain the aroma.

DIY botanical drawer sachet

These also make cute gifts. I had so much fun with these that I made quite a few and have stored them in a repurposed jar along with the left over ingredients. This will keep it fresh and as I spring clean, I'll place a few around the house and keep a couple for friends & family.

DIY botanical drawer sachets store or gift

What do you think, would you give this a go?



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