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4 Basic Clothing Repairs Anyone Can Master (with Videos)

Today I want to show you 4 essential basic clothing repairs that anyone can do by hand, without a sewing machine or any skills at all. Learn how to sew a button back on, repair the seam of your leggings and mend two common types of holes.

There are videos included for each type of repair and in 5 minutes from now you can be successfully repairing your clothes!

4 Simple Clothing Repairs Anyone Can Master (with Videos) - no sewing machine required

What you will need

A needle



That is it!

Why should you repair your clothes by hand?

This will save you time and money

You don't need to rely on a sewing machine

Your clothes will be wearable longer

It keeps clothing out of landfill

You won't need to buy new clothes as often

Easily fix damaged op-shop finds

It's a great skill to have up your sleeve


1. How to Sew a Button Back on

A missing button can be a real pain in the backside and it is a simple repair job that can be done in 5 minutes.

This can be applied to buttons that are getting loose AND can be used to shift a button to tighten or loosen clothing.

This video is entertaining AND will show you everything from threading the needle to completion for a perfect button repair.

(everyone has their own way to sew a button, if yours is different, but it works, then stick with what you know)

If Rambo can sew, so can you.

2. Repair the Seam in your Leggings by Hand

My grandma taught me this when I was a leggings addicted teenager and it's saved so many pairs of leggings! now I guess I'm classed as middle age and have fallen in love with leggings all over again.

I absolutely hate when holes appear within a few weeks of wearing a new pair of leggings. It only takes 5-10 minutes to patch them up while you watch your favourite TV show.

I really love this girl's tip on cutting the thread at an angle to make threading the needle easier.

If your leggings are beyond repair, here's how to upcycle and repurpose a pair of old leggings.

3. Fix any Hole By Hand

This is soooo simple to do and applies to do many clothes. Fix T-shirts, work pants, leggings, tops, dresses and even socks.

Ever found a great item in a thrift store but discovered holes? Now you will be able to repair it easily at home.

By following the instructions in the video, you'll be able to join the edges together and sew the hole without stitches being glaring obvious on the outside of the clothing.

4. How to Mend Holes in Knitted Clothing

This method is called darning, but don't be put off by anything you may have heard about it. Knits with holes tend to scare people and I hate to think how many unworn jumpers have been thrown at the bottom of wardrobes due to one or two small holes.

This is EASY and the video shows you everything you need to know to patch up a hole in your favourite sweater, cardigan or throw.

It's amazing how many of us have clothing that is out of action and only because we don't know how to do a simple repair.

Now you know how to complete 4 basic sewing repairs with just a needle and thread. Getting clothes repaired professionally can cost a small fortune, so i hope this save you some money and helps you keep your favourite clothing wearable for longer.

Don't forget to Save this somewhere for next time you need to do a simple repair. It should only take a couple of repair jobs to have these techniques memorised and mastered.

Share this with anyone you think could use these tips too.

I'd love to hear how you go with these!

Have you got clothing repairs not covered here? I'm planning a few posts to explain easy fixes you can do at home, so pop your suggestions or comments below and I'll try to include it in the next one.



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