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DIY All Purpose Bathroom Cleaning Spray

Making your own All-Purpose Green Cleaning Spray for the bathroom is super easy. It's non-toxic, kid-safe and can be used to effectively clean tiles, shower cubicles, baths, sinks, mirrors and glass.

DIY Green Bathroom Cleaning Spray

I can't count the number of times I have previously sprayed the shower cubicle with some kind of chemical cleaner and then instantly regretted it as I coughed and spluttered and ran from the bathroom, yelling at the kids not to enter. I would then come back later and scrub as fast as I could just to escape the fumes.

And sometimes I sprayed the bath before going to work, only to remember at kids bath time that I had not gotten around to actually cleaning it and they would have to wait while I got stuck into it.

With just a few basic ingredients, you will have yourself a very safe cleaning spray, without the fumes, that even the kids can use.

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DIY Green Cleaning Spray and Wipe Solution

Spray & Wipe Ingredients

200mls of White Vinegar

200mls of Water

Essential Oils (Optional)

Add these all into a spray bottle and shake.

Now it's ready to use!


Vinegar and Bi-carb can usually be bought at zero waste and bulk stores.

If you plan on adding essential oils for a nicer smell (or to hide the vinegar scent) then please make sure you use PET1 or PET2 containers otherwise the oils may breakdown the plastic.

Amber Glass spray bottles are of course the best option. You don't need to purchase a special spray bottle. I repurposed one that had previously contained window cleaner.

To Clean Glass & Mirrors

Shake the spray bottle, then simply spray and wipe down with old newspaper or a lint free cloth.

To Clean Bath, Shower, Sinks & Grout

Spray with the mixture and allow to sit for half an hour or overnight. Scrub down and rinse. If there is a lot of soap buildup or it's a bit grotty, add some bicarb soda to make easy work of it.


I generally spray the shower and bath every few days and just give it a light scrub once a week by dipping my scrubbing brush into a small container of bi-carb.

Daily spraying seems to help prevent build up or mould, however if your bathroom is highly prone to mould, consider adding some borax to your routine

Just Beware, in case you are ever tempted: Vinegar & bleach should not ever be mixed!! I know the temptation is there to blend up a little cocktail for a powerful cleaner, but always be super careful with what you are mixing as you can create toxic fumes and effects.

What if you hate the Vinegar Smell?

Generally, the vinegar smell is gone after cleaning but it can stick around if you are just doing a daily spray.

You can create a lemon infused vinegar to use in your solution. Lemon is a natural bleach and wont stain your grout like other citrus fruits. Again, this is a very simple recipe and is a fantastic basic green cleaner to have in your home. Here is a post all about Citrus Infused Cleaning Vinegar (and many ways to use it).

Alternatively, try adding some Essential oils such as Lemon & Tea Tree Oil.

My absolute favourite is to use the infused vinegar recipe above, along with several drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. It smells so fresh and uplifting.

For something a little different, you could opt for Lavender, Eucalyptus & Sweet Orange.


Use lemon peels to combat vinegar smells

Head here for more Green Cleaning Recipes, or if you are just starting on your green cleaning journey, this post will explain How To Get Started Green Cleaning Your Home and Car.

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