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15 Zero-Cost Ways to Go Plastic-Free During Plastic Free July

Looking for budget options to take part in Plastic-Free July? Look no further, here are 15 zero cost ways to go plastic free that you can start doing straight away.

Plastic pollution is an ongoing environmental concern, putting a strain on oceans, wildlife, and human health. Plastic Free July is THE perfect opportunity to join the movement and make a positive impact by reducing your plastic use.

You might think that going plastic-free can't suit a small (or zero) budget, but there are loads of zero-cost ways to kickstart a plastic-free journey and here are 15 simple and cost-free options to help you embrace Plastic Free July without breaking the bank.

15 zero cost ways to go plastic free during plastic free july

  1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle: If you haven't already, please DO invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up before you leave the house. Refilling from taps or drinking fountains will actually save you money and cut out the need for single-use plastic bottles

  2. BYO Shopping Bags: Allllllways carry reusable shopping bags to avoid disposables, even paper bags aren't that fantastic, so store some in your bag, or boot of the car and never be without

  3. Try DIY Cleaning Solutions: Make your own cleaning products using low cost ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon peel. This cuts out the need for plastic-packaged cleaning products and your body will thank you for less chemicals. There are plenty of simple recipes and here is a simple spray cleaner recipe to get you started

  4. Pack a Zero-Waste Lunch: Ditch the plastic wrap and disposable containers. Pack your lunch in reusable containers or wrap in beeswax wraps. For takeaway food remember to bring your own container and cutlery.

  5. Shop at Bulk Stores: Explore bulk stores or sections in supermarkets where you can fill your own containers with items like grains, nuts, and spices. This cuts out heaps of plastic packaging

  6. Choose Bar Soap and Shampoo: Swap out liquid soaps and shampoo in plastic bottles for package-free bar soap and shampoo bars. They are pretty long lasting and although technically this isn't zero cost, I don't think i need to tell you how much cheaper it is to wash your hands

  7. Make Your Own Snacks: Make homemade snacks like muesli bars, popcorn, or fruit bites instead of buying individually wrapped snacks that come in loads of plastic packaging. You will be surprised at how much plastic you can avoid!

  8. Refuse Plastic Cutlery: When ordering takeout or food for delivery, politely request to exclude plastic cutlery, condiments, napkins and any other extras they try to foist upon you

  9. Say No to Disposable Cups: Bring your own reusable coffee cup or thermos when grabbing your a hot drink from your favourite café (psst you may even score a discount for being such a great eco warrior)

  10. Seek Out Local Farmers Markets: Explore nearby farmers markets for fresh produce and homemade goodies. Locally sourced food often comes with less plastic packaging than supermarkets

  11. Repair Instead of Replacing: Before tossing out broken items, explore repair options. Mend clothes, fix appliances, or seek local repair shops, or community repair cafes to extend the life of your stuff and keep it out of landfill

  12. Reuse! re-use as much as you can, including plastic containers of course. It really is amazing how many usable plastic items are thrown away everyday and slightly different looking versions are purchased for our homes

  13. Try a Month of No Shopping: Of course you will still need to buy food and essentials but if you limit it to this, you'll find you won't accumulate a bunch of plastic packaging and will most definitely save money.

  14. Make a Plastic Free Treat for your pet: there are quite a few recipes around, I like simple, so my go to is Pumpkin Skin Dog Treats which use what would essentially head to our compost and turns it into one of my dog's favourite foods

  15. Spread the Word: Engage with friends, family, and your community by sharing your plastic-free journey on insta or organizing small eco-conscious events. Inspire others to join you on the plastic-free path.

image of plastic planet being held by hands

Plastic Free July is a great time to challenge ourselves and make lasting plastic-free habits. Remember, small changes really do add up, and your actions inspire others to make positive changes too.

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