Zero Waste Wrestler Name Generator

March 10, 2018

Wrestling with zero waste? Make your trash battle a little more fun with this name generator meme.



Efforts to reduce, refuse, recycle, reuse and live a lower waste lifestyle has its frustrations. There's a lot of sneaky unrecyclable items that can turn up unexpectedly too that leave us kicking ourselves for being unable to avoid. I see my journey as more of a battle of wits than brawn and not necessarily hero like.

I came up with this while procrastinating on tasks I should really have been doing, and although my closest friends don't appreciate the humour, I hope you do!


I shared this on social media recently, and I know there are many people who don't partake in the Facebook/Instagram world by choice. Social media can be time consuming and irritating, so given all the funny responses to this, I thought it worthy of adding to the blog.




Are you a Glitter Guerilla, a Waste Paper Ninja or maybe a Bubble Wrap Butcher?

I'd love to hear your alter ego in the comments below!












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