Banana Ice-cream Recipe Cheat (Zero Waste too!)

November 30, 2017

If you're looking for simple zero waste snacks, then you can't go past this banana ice-cream cheat. All you need is a freezer and bananas, NO ice-cream machine or fancy equipment required, it's healthy, dairy-free, sugar-free and  zero mess. 


Hot weather has descended pretty suddenly in Adelaide, and this Banana Ice-Cream Recipe is a regular summer treat in our house, even for breakfast! I use the term recipe loosely as it is a one ingredient recipe that you wont be mixing up, it takes about 1 minute to prepare and kids love it.




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Banana is one of my favourite fruits, and it is rare to not have at least a few in the house, fridge, freezer or handbag (ideally not squished!).


One of the best things about bananas, is that when frozen, it's texture is very similar to ice-cream.


I have always been meaning to try freezing smaller pieces and then blitzing in the food processor, but it seems a little too much effort in the heat (and if you've been following me, then you know I like to keep life simple).


This is healthy enough to give as breakfast, or a snack anytime and of course suitable for any diet providing there is not a banana allergy.


It can also be an occasional treat for your dog if you happen to drop one on the floor!


We taught out dog Snoopy a few very valuable commands:

"Find It" - means he should look for food on the floor

"Clean Up" - means he can eat it

"Leave It" - means he is NOT to eat it, and for a labrador this is one of the best things you can teach them.



Now, onto the Important Stuff!



How To Make Zero Waste Banana Ice-cream 


Step 1. Take a banana



Step 2. Peel it  (don't forget to compost the peel - Try making compost tea for the garden)  



Step 3. Break the bananas in half, or cut length ways



Step 4. Place on baking tray or in a plastic container



Step 5. Freeze it!



Step 6. Wait at least an hour and start eating your ice-cream!



Best left overnight, but if you just can't wait, an hour or two is plenty. For toddlers, you can slice banana length ways into thinner strips, so it is a little easier to hold. 





Above, are ones I broke in half. These can be popped straight into an ice-cream cone, or sent to school in a thermos. 


Another option to hold frozen bananas are silicone icey pole moulds like these cactus ones. I really love these cactus ones below - so cute!


If you want to make it a little more exciting, you can make up your own variation, here's a few examples:


>Drizzle chocolate on top

>Poke several chocolate chips into the bananas (you can make faces too)

>Dip in Chocolate and roll in almond slivers

>Coat in yoghurt and add sprinkles




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