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Cucumber, Mint and Honey Cleanser and Toner

This DIY recipe makes a beautiful refreshing face cleanser using organic cucumber, raw honey and mint leaves that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

This can easily be a zero waste cleanser, as not only are you using ALL natural ingredients, which can be found package free, you are also avoiding cleansers with additives, colours and fragrances that aren't doing your skin any favours at all.

(If you do have little kids, you can involve them too and maybe have a mini mummy and me spa session and know is is 100% safe and natural).

Cucumber, Mint and Honey Face Cleanser and Toner Recipe

Summer sun and ocean swims and constant sunscreen can wreak havoc on your skin. This face cleanser can be used anytime of day, but it is particularly satisfying at the end of a summer day spent outdoors or just a long day entertaining kids.

Cucumber contains Vitamin C, and has long been known soothe and nourish skin. Honey has brilliant properties, including antibacterial and is very gentle on problematic areas. Mint is of course cooling and it's anti-inflammatory properties and contains salicylic acid.

These ingredients will cleanse and nurture your skin without adding greasiness of oil based cleansers, or drying it out sensitive skin with harsh ingredients.


Ingredients (Makes 200mls)

Sliced Cucumber*

1 teaspoon of Raw, local Honey

1 teaspoon of mint leaves

200mls of boiled water

*You can use a full, half or a quarter of a cucumber - it depends on how often and how many ways you plan to use it.

Ingredients for DIY Cucumber, Mint Honey Face Cleanser

How To Make It

> First, boil the water

>Add 1 teaspoon of both Mint and Honey into a heat safe cup and stir

Mix Mint and Honey in boiled water and allow to cool

>Place it in the fridge to steep and allow the water to cool

>Once cooled, slice the cucumber and add to the cooled mixture

Add in cucumber slices to the cooled mixture

> Top up with cucumber slices as required

Store in a covered glass jar in the fridge when not in use.

Keeps for 5-7 days.

Once finished, all these ingredients are perfectly safe to go in your compost and the liquid can be poured into pot plants. It is completely biodegradable and natural.


How To Use it


Use morning and night to refresh skin. Take a slice or two of infused cucumber and apply all over your face. It can be left on the skin to dry or rinse with cool water if you prefer, but despite containing honey it doesn't feel sticky after using. You can then apply your usual skin products and makeup. This really is a cleanser and toner in one.


Sliced cucumber is fantastic to reduce puffiness, dark circles, redness or seasonal allergies. I recommend removing any eye makeup first, then apply a couple of slices over your eyes and relax. (This is lovely to do while you soak in the bath).

Keep on for 15 minutes or longer then pat dry.

>After Sun

If you have accidentally gotten a little too much sun or are feeling the heat, apply several slices of cucumber to those areas, while you recline on your favourite chair - it will help keep your cool as a cucumber. Keep on for 15-30 minutes, turning the cucumber slices if they become warm.

>Zero Waste Wipe (?)

If you're are or have been a fan of disposable facial wipes, then try this recipe with very finely cut slices of cucumber - you can then use the slices to wipe face, arms or body throughout the day to refresh.

> Pit Rash

Testing out natural deodorants can be a bit of a journey and if you're unlucky enough to get an armpit rash, it can be very frustrating. Apply cucumber to the area to cool and sooth irritation.

Of course, discard each slice of cucumber you use, and don't be tempted to put it back into your jar.

Cucumber, Mint and Honey Cleanser and Toner

When I am VERY LUCKY, and my daughter is in the mood to spoil me, this facial cleanser is a fabulous activity as she can plaster my face, arms and legs with sliced cucumber, while I relax (and it sure beats being drawn on with textas!)

There are plenty of simple green beauty recipes you can try and after this one, I really encourage you to try making your own non-greasy makeup remover or try this daily moisturiser recipe.

Your skin with thank you!

I know I always go on about this, but swapping out store bought products and replacing with natural homemade recipes has just made a world of difference to my skin.

Let me know what you think of this recipe!

(It's one of my favourites because it only takes a few minutes work and can be enjoyed all week by everyone in the house.)



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