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War on Waste Challenge - Start Here

A free Zero Waste challenge with a difference. Forget about trying to fit your waste into a trash jar and start focusing on things that make a real difference to your waste footprint.

The War On Waste Challenge will help you to reduce your waste, recycle better, and lower your environmental impact one step at a time.

A series of key topics, you'll find plenty of guidance, information, tips and tricks plus some further reading, making it simple to choose actions to suit your lifestyle (whether you're a beginner zero waster or an expert waste warrior).

By the end of this challenge, you will have taken simple steps that make a big difference, across key areas of your home and lifestyle - without committing a huge amount of time or effort.

Zero Waste Challenge - Forget The Trash Jar

What's the War On Waste Challenge about?

It's embarrassing to admit we used to spend bin night sneaking our trash into our neighbours bins.

These days, we only need our landfill bin emptied every several months and our recycle bin is rarely full.

So if your house is producing more rubbish and recycling than you can keep up with, then get ready for a bunch of ideas that are going to make a big difference.

Last year, I ran a Waste Challenge Facebook group (inspired by the ABC's War on Waste Documentary), where we all challenged ourselves to have less trash or start going zero waste. It was a lot of fun, but I know it was a struggle for some to keep up (including Me!).

Having the content online and available to access anytime, anywhere and at your own pace is, in my opinion, far more convenient.

This post series is based on that original group, but with updated and more detailed information along with useful links and additional topics to help you succeed.

Each step focuses on a key topic with some ideas and guides on how you might want to tackle it.

Just How Challenging Will it Be?

This depends on you!

As mentioned, it is written so that an absolute beginner can work through the challenge without feeling lost or confused, AND more experienced waste warriors can still be challenged.

You will be picking and choosing which actions to take, based on what works best for you.

You can choose to complete one topic a day, or simply follow at your own pace, taking as long as you like.

If your goal is to begin a journey to a zero waste lifestyle OR to challenge your current zero waste journey, then you will find plenty of areas to work on improving.

What Topics Will the War on Waste Challenge Cover?

>Reducing waste in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry

>How to improve your recycling and what to do with unusual items

>Strategies for Shopping (including when you don't have access to a bulk store)

>Simple ways to get started Green Cleaning Your Home

>Eating & Drinking on The Go without the trash

>Where to find some fun inspiration for living with less waste

and more

Things To Know Before You Start The Challenge

>You don't need to sign up anywhere or join anything.

All you need is the internet and a web browser.

>The aim of the challenge is to make changes that suit YOU and YOUR lifestyle, while fighting your own War on Waste. If you can't see a particular goal being a benefit or a realistic fit to your lifestyle, then choose something that is.

>Avoid Perfectionism - not every action will work how you planned it the first time.

>Don't try to implement every idea you have! It's easy to have great ideas, but it takes a lot of work to make them all happen.

>Remember to congratulate yourself on any changes you make, no matter how small it might seem. Small steps really do add up to big things over time.

> The challenge doesn't dictate highly specific things you must do, buy or make and the aim is NOT to attempt putting all your rubbish in a jar for the next year (of course you can if you want to though)

> You wont be encouraged to throw out perfectly good and useful items you already have , OR to rush out and buy a stash of 'zero waste' items you may not even need. There are many cheap & free options and I'll include a few links to useful items you may choose to invest in. Reducing waste is often more frugal than people realise.

How To Approach It

Choose ONE thing to implement from each topic, rather than attempting everything suggested.

I know some of you will opt for more and that's fine too. My advice is to pick something that is going to make a noticeable difference to YOU that feels manageable to implement.

Plan and DO that thing (if you can’t do it that day or week, just plan when you will, it's not a race)

Don't compare yourself to others. It sounds cliché but we really are all at different stages and it doesn't matter one bit what your starting point is.


I don't always get it perfect (as you may already know) and there have been plenty of mistakes along the way, so I'll be sharing some of my experiences and show you how it can be fun, simple & practical to reduce waste at home.

I'd love it if you wanted to introduce yourself in the comments below, but that is totally up to you.

You can just say hi, or include a goal, why you want to reduce your waste, what your biggest challenges are, or an area you most want to tackle... whatever you feel like sharing. You're more than welcome to be a silent participator too.

Head Here for the first challenge topic - How To Figure Out Your Local Recycling Options



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