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Adelaide's Plastic Free and Zero Waste Shops

Here is a Mega List of Adelaide's plastic free and zero waste shops where you can find bulk foods, fresh produce, bread, package free pet treats, sustainable living products and more.

Some are officially zero waste and plastic free stores, while others are not BUT are more than willing to support a zero waste lifestyle.

List of Adelaide's Plastic Free and Zero Waste Shops

During Plastic-Free July I really tried to have absolutely no plastic packaging at all, but I did have a few slip ups, and also found it hard to locate some food and non-food items that we buy regularly without the plastic.

(If you're brand new to bulk shopping, check out this beginner's guide)

I began noting down all the places I knew of that sold zero waste bulk foods as well as shops that support plastic-free living and allow customers to bring their own containers or bags.

I visited so many shops, and it took a lot of running around various suburbs of Adelaide, only to discover some items were pretty hard to get hold of without plastic.

I also found that many businesses will support efforts to minimise landfill on an adhoc basis and will often allow customers to purchase items waste free, but don't actively advertise it anywhere. Other shops flatly refuse and often it depends on who happens to be serving behind the counter on any particular day.

Always ask at your local shop if they are happy to accommodate your plastic free mission.

The list is grouped into areas around Adelaide to make it simpler to find a place near you, and easily plan your plastic-free shoppiwang list. You will also find plenty of examples of items you will find at each place, and whether it is plastic-free, zero-waste, BYO friendly.

You will also find ‘Field Notes’ on most, so that you have an idea of what to expect when you head there.

If you want to visit their website, click on the title of the shop.

The first section lists franchises or stores with multiple locations that can be found in Adelaide, where you can shop without waste.

The second section is organised by location: Adelaide CBD, Northern , Eastern, Southern, Western suburbs and the Adelaide Hills.

This is somewhat of a work in progress and if you know of a local store providing zero waste and plastic free options (or are the owner of one) that isn’t mentioned here, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

As we have progressed towards living zero waste and try to limit the plastic packaging we buy, it has become more important to find a variety of places to shop that will support a sustainable lifestyle. It is fairly easy to obtain staple items that are common in bulk food shops, but the more unusual items can be difficult and frustrating to find.

This list should help you locate what you need, plan your shopping, and hopefully we can grow this to include more small businesses in South Australia. I’ll also update this periodically to keep it as a current resource.

You can Search for specific items here by holding down the ctrl button on your keyboard and pressing F to open a search box at the top of your browser.

I haven't listed every single item that can be found in each store, but have tried to list their specialty items, key staples and hard to find items like milk in glass bottles, pasta, flour, bulk bi-carb soda, cocoa butter etc.

Always make sure you have thoroughly cleaned jars and containers before heading to any shop. This is super important to ensure no one gets sick AND that shops around Adelaide continue to let us BYO containers.

Don't Forget your reusables

Don't forget to take your reusables! I made this handy door hanger reminder so I stop forgetting all the things I need.

Get a free printable version for yourself, and other useful stuff by subscribing to the website here.


Stores with Multiple Locations

Location: Australia Wide with over 20 locations across Adelaide

What you will find here: breads and typical bakery products, Easter buns, pull-aparts, croissants, danishes, Turkish bread, Christmas cake, fruit mince pies etc.

Field Notes: They have deemed plastic bags more eco-friendly than paper bags and have swapped to sturdier plastic bags that can be reused. (I disagree, but this is a long debated topic and everyone has a different opinion on this). They have fabric tote bags for a plastic free option, but of course it’s much better if you can bring your own. Not all items can be put in your bag and it is a franchise, so each store may differ slightly in their products, approach as well as their willingness to accommodate plastic-free shoppers. If you are using the Onya reusable bread bags, you may need to explain to staff how to use them.

Locations: Central Market, Rundle Mall, Burnside Village, City Cross, Colonnades, Elizabeth, Mt Barker, Marion, Tea Tree Plaza, West Lakes.

What you will find here: A selection of raw and roasted nuts, sugared nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, chocolate (including smarties and jaffas), muesli, lollies (including chicos, jelly beans, snakes, milk bottles etc) , licorice and bliss balls.

Notes: These items are loose and can be ordered by weight. Take your own jar or bag, just don’t do this when the store is packed out with Christmas shoppers. I find it handy to take the jars I want to re-purpose as food gifts and have them filled on the spot, rather than trying to work out how many grams I need.

Locations: Henley, Fairview Park, Pasadena, Norwood, North Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Nuriootpa

What you will find here: almonds, cashews, apricot bites, chocolates including chocolate coated macadamia nuts, dried fruit, mixed lollies, soya crackers, pea chips, licorice and more.

Field Notes: North Adelaide and Henley are my favourite and each store has a slightly different selection available. The website does not make it easy to locate stores with bulk foods. Some provide paper bags, others only plastic. So take your own reusable bag or use a bio bag. No need to write the code, the checkout operator will ask what it is if it’s not an obvious one on their list. You may also find some great heirloom fruit and veg at these stores among other vegan, organic and eco-living items like reusable straws. They also stock Planet Ark washing powder which is plastic free, who gives a crap toilet paper. Some stores have been spotted refilling bulk bins with 1kg plastic bags of products.

Go Vita

Locations: Too many to list.

What You Will Find: Honey and Nut butters ground fresh and put straight in your container. Bulk Foods (legumes, oats, bran, muesli, dried fruits, nuts, apricot balls), you may also be able to get herbs and spices, beeswax, bee pollen, teas and other items without plastic along with package-free soaps and other eco-living products (natural deodorants, toothpaste, hair dye, shampoo etc).

Field Notes: This is a large company and each store is independently owned and will stock different items. I strongly suggest visiting your local one (or look up their Facebook page), to see what they offer zero waste, and then seeing if you can negotiate using your own container for other products. Some stores will not allow you to take photos of this area, so if you’re planning on posting a great pic of you shopping zero waste, then ask first.

Locations: Jetty road Glenelg, Beehive Corner and Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall, Central Market, Golden Grove Shopping Centre, Greenhill Road and interstate locations.

What You Will Find: Gourmet specialty chocolates available loose from behind the counter, foil and cardboard packaged chocolate.

Field Notes: They source sustainable cocoa (UTZ certified), have recyclable packaging where possible, recycle internally and of course have the foil coated Bilby at Easter, an animal they are passionate about helping. Not everything is available plastic-free, and it is a little bit pricey than your average chocolate. Keep in mind, it is high quality chocolate (worth paying for in my opinion) and handmade in South Australia from the bean, so the finished product includes Australian ingredients too. This is likely the lowest food miles you will get in Adelaide for chocolate.

Health Elements

Location: Elizabeth, Walkerville, Castle Plaza, St Agnes Shopping center

What you will find here: Bulk foods including lollies, nuts, chocolate, fruit, snacks, oats and grains, super food mixes and plenty of organic choices. Nut butters and honey. Reusable straws, bento boxes, produce bags and reusable drink ware. Greek yogurt kits

Field Notes: Plastic bags are provided for bulk foods, so bring your own paper bags or containers.

Location: Rundle Mall, Marion and online

What you will find: Apart from their famous bath bombs, you will find plastic free bubble bath, shampoo & conditioner bars, soaps, solid deodorant, lotion bars, package free hair dye, solid cosmetics (glow sticks, primer, slap sticks etc), toothy tabs, to replace toothpaste and all kinds of fun and beautiful products.

Field Notes: bring your own container or bag, but if you forget, they pack all loose items in paper bags and affix a sticker label at the checkout. These guys make it easy to avoid the plastic and plenty of opportunities to test products before you buy. Great place to take kids or to find zero waste gifts which you can have gift wrapped in organic cotton.

Location: The Grove Shopping Centre, Brickworks Torrensville

What You Will Find: Almost everything among their range of over 250 products. Legumes, grains, flour, muesli, nut butters, tea, snacks, chocolate, the list is huge.

Field Notes: Very BYO container friendly, Adelaide owned, lots of unusual & specialty items, you can also find convenience meal kits in a jar here. Get a fresh coffee at the golden grove shop. Each store may have slightly different stock.

Location: Hendon, Unley, Norwood, Central Market

What you will find: Coffee, loose Tea (green tea, white, black, decaf, herbal, fruit, flower balls etc) and all the accessories to go with it. Reusable Nespresso pods, reusable Aeropress filters, plungers, tea infusers

Field Notes: They roast the beans at the Hendon store, have lots of organic, fair trade, origin and sustainable choices. BYO containers is supported.

Location: National and international stores, but in South Australia, you’ll find them in Glenelg and Mitcham

What you will find: A huge range of items from legumes, flours, rice, nuts, dried fruit, snacks, chocolate (including vegan), crackers, gluten-free pasta in bulk, bi-carb soda and more.

Field Notes: Some items not readily available in Glenelg, however you can request them, especially if you plan to shop there frequently. Remember to write the product code on your jar or the paper bags provided so they can be easily ring it up at the cash register. Look for in-store tastings on offer and if there is an item you want to sample, just ask and they are happy to let you taste test. Products can be a little more costly here.

Adelaide CBD Locations

Location: Shop 21/22, Adelaide Central Market

What you will find here: Bulk dry pasta, Olive oil, nut butters, great range of legumes, oats, muesli, breakfast cereals, rice, flour (including gluten free), popping corn, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate, snacks, herbs and spices, nut butters, and more. They also stock a range of allergy friendly foods and eco-living items like shampoo bars, reusable straws etc. Recently, you can now find milk in glass bottles that are returnable!

Field Notes: They recently changed their name to Whole + Some. Get package free treats, meals and drinks to have there. They are also on UberEats, I stopped using this app as the packaging was very hard to recycle, but I assume this place probably has recyclable packaging.

Location: Stall 73, Adelaide Central Market

What you will find here: Lots of staple items like nuts & seeds, dried fruit, legumes, rice, coconut oil. Absolutely beautiful range of nut butters.

Field Notes: They specialise in raw healthy desserts and also have coconut based, dairy free ice-cream. So many appealing products that you will probably buy way more than what you planned so bring so sturdy reusable shopping bags with you.

Location: Compton Street, (right near the Adelaide Central Market

What you will find here: Huge range of loose Tea, ethically sourced coffee, and a small selection of herbs and spices (many useful for making your own herbal teas)

Field Notes: Head there on a Saturday between 12 -2pm for tea tastings. Start collecting small jars to keep your bags light.

Location: Stall 46, Adelaide Central Market

What you will find here: Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Fabulous range, including South Australian artisan cheeses. You can buy rounds of cheese. They also stock some gourmet glace fruit.

Field Notes: Plan your trip and figure out which containers are going to work best for un-packaged cheese, then add a few spare. Check out their website for details on maturing processes. If you are opting for delivery, they will be packaged in foam cooler boxes. Not everything is package free of course.

Location: Stall 55, Adelaide Central Market

What you will find: Indigenous Australian foods, foraged items, seasonal native greens, mushrooms, herbs & spices along with fresh meat products such as kangaroo, camel, emu, rabbit and exotic meats.

Field Notes: Bring VERY CLEAN containers or new alfoil (which can be washed and recycled) to avoid plastic packaging. Some items are seasonal, so you won’t always be able to get hold of everything at all times of the year. Eating native meat is a concept many people struggle with, but it is so much more sustainable for farming in our dry Australian climate and if you’ve been afraid to try, this is a fabulous place to get started with high quality produce and taste real indigenous foods.

Location: Stall 58, Adelaide Central Market

What you will find here: Huge range of freshly ground coffee (including decaf), chocolate coated coffee beans, and powdered hot chocolate, cold brew coffee makers.

Field Notes: BYO containers and keep cup, beware of over eating the chocolate coffee beans! Enjoy a hot coffee while you’re there. Expect to wait during busy times.

Location: Shop 20, Central Market Arcade

What you will find here: Pure locally sourced honey, plus many Australian varieties like organic Jarrah, Kangaroo Island, Jelly Bush (SA alternative to medicinal honey). Get biodegradable cleaning products, shampoo, moisturiser, cleansers, olive oil, vinegar, bi-carb and more in bulk, package free palm oil free soaps. Essential oils and fragrance oils. You can also get bulk bath salts, bee pollen, beeswax, Shea butter, cocoa butter. Their list of herbs is brilliant, head to their website to check out their excel file.

Field Notes: BYO jars or containers for honey to get it cheaper. If you forget, they do have prepacked honey too. It gets BUSY here, so be patient, it will be worth the wait. Great place to stock up on ingredients for DIY beauty recipes.


Western Suburbs of Adelaide

Location: 78 Findon Rd, Kidman Park

What you will find here: all kinds of meats, sausages, patties, marinated cuts and skewers, schnitzel, grass fed beef.

Field Notes: bring your own VERY CLEAN container or alfoil (that can be washed and recycled) to get package free, plastic free meat. They are a local South Australian business and check out their Facebook page for weekly specials.

Location: 95 Bower Road, Ethelton

What you will find here: Package Free Meat

Field Notes: BYO Containers or compostable bags

Location: 9-13 Bacon St, Hindmarsh

What you will find here: Unbleached Australian flour in recyclable packaging, glass jars of chocolate tahini, Bulk sized pre-packaged herbs and spices, Goat & sheep milk butter in jars, cooking equipment and utensils including saucepan lids. Large tins of Olive oil.

Field Notes: Warehouse style shopping. They source a lot of items within Australia including their legumes, dairy, flour and honey. Although many items are packaged in plastic, they are in larger bags that will reduce your overall plastics use compared to buying tiny sachets in the supermarket.

Location: 547 Port Rd, West Croydon

What you will find here: organic Milk in glass bottles, plastic free fresh produce (including locally grown and organic), hard to find items like mulberries, plastic free herbs and spinach, peas in the pods, kohlrabi, bulk items like hemp seeds, sustainable living products and more.

Field Notes: Berries are usually in plastic punnets. They have a great Facebook page with updates on what’s in store as well as useful information for anyone wanting to eat more seasonally and live eco-friendly. The Milk in reusable glass bottles is from Barambah Organics. You can search on their website for retailers, but I find it difficult to see exactly where the locations are.

Location: 31A Semaphore Rd, Semaphore

What you will find here: plastic-free bakery products including freshly baked bread, full sized cakes, quiches and family pies, the usual pies, pasties and sausage rolls, great selection of single serve treats and goodies including gingerbread men, pecan pie, doughnuts, and so much more.

Field Notes: Staff are happy for you to BYO bag and containers. For cakes, I suggest using an upside down plastic container so it is easy to get in and out. Some items are wrapped in gladwrap.

Location: 10 Elizabeth St, Croydon

What you will find here: Lots of plastic free locally grown produce (including Organic, seasonal fresh produce boxes), local eggs, juice, kimchi made in Adelaide, organic hemp seeds, Barossa Valley olive oil, Murray River pink salt, fresh bakery items. Household items such as soap berries, Adelaide hills organic apple cider vinegar and so much more.

Field Notes: If you order produce boxes, the cost includes a deposit on an ice brick that will have your name on it to be reused. The owner is also a garden consultant and can help get your backyard sorted.

Location: Port Mall Shopping Centre, Marryatt St, Port Adelaide

What you will find here: Bulk section near entry where you can find snacks, chocolate, nuts, lollies.

Field Notes: Not currently accepting BYO containers in the Deli section

Location: 119a Semaphore Road, Semaphore

What you will find here: Zero waste dog treats (pigs ears, cows ears, antlers, rawhide bones, greyhound biscuits, bone biscuits, and lots more to suit any sized dog). You’ll also find plants, garden items, worm farms, compost bins, heirloom seeds, local plastic free soap and interesting gifts.

Field Notes: BYO Container, dogs welcome in the shop and drinking water provided out the front.Say hello to Stella the in-house Macaw, or head to the back to check out the ducks, chooks and Audrey the Alpaca. The shop is joined to Sarah’s Sister's Sustainable Café, so head there for a discount on a coffee in a reusable cup or stay for the amazing food which is based on seasonal and local produce. (If you brought your dog, you’ll need to take a table outside).

Location: 21 Semaphore Road, Semaphore

What you will find here: A selection of bulk bin lollies and sweets, foil wrapped chocolate, ice-cream in a cone.

Field Notes: BYO paper bag. Most items are plastic packaged and they specialise in hard to get and overseas items, but stock lots of Aussie ones too.

Location: 44 Henley Beach Road, Mile End

What you will find here: bulk items such as legumes, flour, nuts, seeds, rice, oats, olive oil, chocolate chips, herbs and spices, loose leaf tea, loose matcha powder. Refill containers of cleaning products, shampoos and more. General Eco living items, bathroom products.

Field Notes: BYO containers and remember to get them tared before you start filling. They do provide some bottles and jars as well as amber spray bottles to fill. Pay a small yearly membership to get discounts and offers. Check out their events and tastings.

(used to be the Light Foot Eco Store)

Location: 257 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

What you will find here: Eco friendly and sustainable kitchen and cleaning and household like soap nuts, keep cups, dish scrubbers, eco-cutlery, reusable straws, and food storage containers. Hemp clothing and twine, bamboo socks & undies, natural soaps, beauty and skin products, bamboo toothbrushes, solid self-tanning bars, shampoo and conditioner bars and plenty of other stuff.

Field Notes: Parking out the front or in the side street. Open 7 days a week, but hours vary and usually they shut by 4:20pm.

Northern Suburbs & Beyond

Location: Parabanks Shopping Centre, John Street

What you will find here: Bulk bins with all the usual items, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, chocolate, trail mix, snacks. Nut butters, Bone broth in jars

Field Notes: Plastic bags provided so bring a paper bag or your own container. They do have glass jars for nut butters available.

Location: 14 Hanson Street, Freeling

What You Will Find: Bulk herbs and spices, pasta, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, rice, flour, honey, olive oil. Sustainable living products, upcycled items, who gives a crap toilet paper, stainless steel pegs, essential oils and more.

Field Notes: This is a family owned plastic free shop that encourages customers to BYO containers. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday. Check out the events on their website.


East of Adelaide

Location: 411 Magill Rd, St Morris

What you will find here: Pretty much anything you could need for eco-friendly living - Reusables of all kinds (straws, cups, containers, bags), shampoo bars, green laundry products, compost bins, beeswax candles, Bamboo clothing, sustainable kids toys, stationary, bio bags, baby care, fabric gift wrapping.

Field Notes: Worth a trip to this shop, they really have so many useful items.

Location: 9/457 Glynburn Rd, Leabrook SA

What you will find here: Package Free Meat

Field Notes: BYO containers or compostable bags to pack your meat. They will also debone your chicken and put a marinade on it.

Huge thanks to Debra for mentioning this place!


Southern Suburbs

Location: 351 The Parade, Seaford

What you will find here: A small bulk food section, plastic-free fruit & vegetables and the bakery is happy for you to bring your own bags.

Field Notes: Thank you to Simple Living at Onkaparinga for this information.

Location: 445 Brighton Road, Brighton

What you will find here: Pretty much anything you could need for eco-friendly living - Reusables of all kinds (straws, cups, containers, bags), shampoo bars, green laundry products, compost bins, beeswax candles, Bamboo clothing, sustainable kids toys, stationary, bio bags, baby care, fabric gift wrapping.

Field Notes: Worth a trip to this shop, they really have so many useful items.

Location: Shop 4/ 1 Griffiths Drive, Moana

What you will find here: Bulk foods including dried fruits and nuts, flour, sugars, herbs & spices, big variety of loose teas, ground nut butters, nude soap, laundry items, hair products, and more.

Field Notes: I haven't been here yet, huge thanks to Simple Living in Onkaparinga for this suggestion!

Location: 148 Main Rd, McLaren Vale

What you will find here: Honey, tahini and nut butters in bulk. Fresh local and organic produce. Reusable/ zero waste products like keep cups, straws, bags and food storage. Wholefood/raw desserts, plastic free savoury items.

Location: 750-752 Anzac Highway, Glenelg

What You Will Find: Bread and bakery items

Field Notes: The Orange Spot is well known for it's amazing award winning food and it is the first carbon neutral retail bakery in Australia. They allows you to bring your own bags and containers and have replaced all plastic bags with recycled paper. They have a worm farm to deal with green waste which in turn feeds their herb garden which is used for cooking.

Location: Glenelg North Community Centre on Alison Street

What You Will Find: Plastic free organic fruit and vegetables, bulk foods (nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc), almond/coconut milk in jars, coffee sold in funky reusable cups, essential oils, organic honey, hand crafted items, home wares, seeds, plants, natural cleaning products and more.

Field Notes: This is a community market with all different stalls. Open on Thursdays 9am-1pm. Ample off street parking, playground for the kids and lots of local products.

Thanks to Aasha for recommending this place.

Location: 7 Broadway, Glenelg South

What You Will Find: As their name suggests, you will find lots of organic bulk foods and fresh produce here. Grains, flour, herbs & Spices, nuts, dried fruit, and more are available to buy zero waste.

Field Notes: They also have a fully functional organic café serving sustainable coffee, all day breakfast and many gluten-free options. You wont have to worry if they have your favourite non-dairy milk either and you can get oat, soy, rice, almond or coconut milk in your coffee.

Location: 20 Fiveash Dr, Pasadena

What you will find here: The Pasadena Foodland has been refurbished and has a huuuge selection of non packaged products. That section alone is almost bigger than our local IGA. It's amazing. All sorts of spices (ground and whole) , nuts, grains, coffee etc etc. They also have their own bakery, cheese monger, fish monger, butcher, café etc. Their variety is almost overwhelming it's so big.

Field Notes: They also have a "calm " shopping hour once a week (Tuesday 6:30pm - 8pm) where they turn the music/announcements off and dim the lights to make shopping for people/kids on the spectrum (Autism etc) more enjoyable. It's a really awesome shop.

A huge thanks to Kat Webber for providing all these details.

Location: 13 Coral St, Victor Harbor

What You Will Find: Lots of bulk food, plastic free options like grains, cereals, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, flours, legumes, rice, lollies, chocolate and more.

Location: 7/61 O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale

What you will find here: Over 500 different products and includes lollies, chocolates, nuts & seeds, dried fruits, glace fruit, legumes, lentils, flour, snack mixes, bread mix (in paper bags), Shea butter, magnesium flakes and loads more.

Field Notes: closed on Sundays. They offer compostable plastic bags, so bring reusable bags.


Location: 2/183 Main Rd, Blackwood

What you will find here: Heaps of useful items for plastic free living – stainless steel reusable drink bottles, keep cups, food storage & wraps, sustainable cleaning products, natural soaps, essential oils, clothing, baskets, cards and gifts.

Field Notes: They will be using compostable postage satchels and a carbon neutral freight company once they open their online shop. Keep an eye out for them at the Blackwood markets too.


Adelaide Hills

Location: Shop 4/43 Wellington Rd, Mount Barker

What you will find here: Bulk foods plastic-free such as legumes, soup mix, flours (including banana flour), Lauke bread mixes, bulk coffee, loose leaf tea(even alfalfa), dried fruit, nuts, cocoa powder, herbs and spices.

Field Notes: A family run business that has been operating less than a year, but totally worth the drive from Adelaide for a coffee, slow pressed organic juice or meal of local, organic, seasonal food while the kids hang out in the indoor play area.

Location: 1 Murray St, Nuriootpa

What you will find here: A range of bulk foods, sustainable living products like produce bags, compostable party ware. They also stock some great local Barossa foods.

Field Notes: The Deli and Butcher sections allow BYO containers. You can drop off your soft plastic for recycling here in one of their 3 bins. Thanks to Jennifer for this suggestion.

Location: 54a Maine Street, Hahndorf

What you will find here: Being an old fashioned lolly shop, you can easily find plastic free goodies with a huge range of lollies and chocolates.

Field Notes: It isn’t a plastic free shop, but you can certainly bring a paper bag and choose many plastic free items. I’m not certain if they can tare or support BYO containers.

Location: 62 Murray Street, Angaston

What You Will Find: Bulk foods of all kinds, herbs, spices, tea, zero waste and sustainable living essentials and amazing recipe mixes in jars including rocky road. Nut butters, honey, bread, kombucha, soaps and so much more.

Field Notes: This newly owned shopped looks absolutely amazing, serving cold brewed coffee and perfect for stocking up on staples, specialty items and gifts. Bring your containers to the counter for weighing before you start, write the product code on your items and head to the counter. I can't wait to visit. Closed on Tuesdays.

Thanks so much to Jennifer W for recommending the addition of this place.

Location: 5 Druid Ave, Stirling

What you will find here: Their specialty is organic produce however you will find bulk items like olives, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, legumes, chocolate, rice, sugar, oats, trail mix, snacks, nut butters, honey, herbs and spices, olive oil, spelt pasta, Epsom salts.

Field Notes: You can order home delivery or click and collect online. Their casual café serves seasonal foods, coffee alternatives, as well as their homemade lemonade, they also make a real effort to operate sustainably.


It has taken me quite a lot of time and effort to create this list in a form that is readable to others, but this will hopefully be a valuable resource that grows over time.

I'm more than happy for this list to be linked to, shared or printed to use in any way that helps others shop plastic free or zero waste around Adelaide.

You might also want to check out this post on my favourite bulk and wholefood shops in Adelaide.

Shopping online?

For anyone just getting started on reducing their waste, head to The War on Waste Challenge to see how you can make a big difference one step at a time.

Share this list with your friends and family so they can see how easy it is to start shopping zero waste.

If you have more suggestions of great places around Adelaide to include in this list, then I'd love to hear about them.



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