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Natural Makeup Remover Recipe (Non-Greasy)

When your makeup remover runs out, you need to try this simple recipe for a natural alternative that is non-greasy and effective in removing eye makeup. It's zero waste and way better for your skin!

Natural Makeup Remover Recipe (Non-Greasy)

It's taken sooooo long to use the remainder of my makeup remover and I didn't want to just tip it out so I continued using it. Looking at the ingredients label, perhaps I should have - I have no idea what most of these ingredients are, but it has been a good product.

Supermarket Makeup Remover Ingredients

I know a lot of people going zero waste simply opt for soap and water and

Yes, that will work for face makeup, but I do love to wear mascara. It is the only makeup item I wear everyday and it's really hard to remove with just water.

So, I'm sharing my recipe today and it is so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't do this year's ago.

The total cost for this recipe is about $20 to make around 1.5 litres of this stuff, so it's extremely cost effective and the ingredients can be used for loads of other uses.


Witch hazel

Liquid Coconut Oil

Witch hazel can be bought in any chemist and you'll find liquid coconut oil in the cooking aisle of your supermarket. You can substitute for other oils if you prefer such as jojoba, almond or olive oil. Look for bottles that are easily reused or recycled.

I like to use equal quantities of coconut oil & witch hazel as I hate a greasy residue left on my skin. If you still find this a little too oily, then just increase the quantity of witch hazel.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can tailor it to your own preferences very easily. And yes, you can actually use any of these items on their own,.... but just oil....well it's very oily, and just witch hazel feels a little dry to me.

WitchHazel Bottle


Combine equal quantities of both ingredients and shake.

I used a glass jar to show you what it looks like, but I'll pop this into my empty makeup remover bottle for daily use.

Apply a small quantity to a reusable makeup wipe and enjoy.

Here's what mine looks like:

Homemade Makeup Remover

As always, I really hope you guys try this.

Not only will you reduce waste and recycling, it's going to be far better on your skin and your budget.

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