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How to Make Eco-Friendly Slime

This DIY Slime recipe is edible, non-toxic, borax free, glue free, ecofriendly and literally green!

With just cornstarch or cornflour, a little water and your favourite colour, you'll have perfect slime within minutes.

Easy DIY Slime Recipe (Edible, non-toxic, borax-free, glue-free, ecofriendly)

Confession time....I hate slime! and the kids probably love it even more because of this, and go nuts over the stuff!

We have NEVER actually bought it, but have received quite a lot of slime either as gifts or as birthday party loot.

The result was a LOT of sticky messes and a couple of hair and clothing incidents I'd prefer to forget.

We still have one teeny tiny tub of commercial slime hidden away as I have no clue as to how to dispose of it, but it smells so awful it is never ever coming out again. I have no idea what chemicals are in it, but it does leave a residue on everything it touches and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be consumed.

We are on a mission to reduce our waste and plastics, so I do love this recipe AND once it needs to be disposed of, it can go straight into the compost, worm farm or green organics bin.

We discovered this several years ago at a science show and still have as much fun with it today as we did back then.

It is super cheap to make , can technically can be eaten and IS easily removed from hair, party dresses and carpet.

Although glitter looks great, I don't recommend adding it as it isn't great for the environment or your home composting.

If you are planning a kids birthday party, this makes a great budget friendly activity as kids can mix their own and have fun experimenting with colours or adjusting the sliminess of it.

It's one of those things that is fun no matter what your age. You can also adapt this to a themed party and rename it....sad to say, some little girls will not like the idea of slime....but they might get hysterically excited if you call it Magical Unicorn Snot!

Ingredients for Eco-Friendly Slime

1/2 cup Cornflour

18-20 Teaspoons of Water

Food Colour or Natural Colour

How To Mix It

I know a lot of people are reluctant to make their own and if you've never played with slime you might not even know what it's really supposed to turn out like.

Don't sweat, loads of (somewhat average looking) pictures coming up in the instructions below.

Step 1 > Measure out 1/2 a cup of cornflour

Cornflour slime

Step 2 > Place some water in a small dish and add some colour

This makes it much easier to stir and less chance of staining your hands or clothes in the process.

I don't measure the water at this point, there's no need to. We did green this time, but you can do pink, purple, orange or any other colour you like.

Green food colouring for slime

Step 3 > Place cornflour in a dish and add 10-12 teaspoons of your coloured water on top.

Step 4 > Mix together with a butter knife or spoon

It should start to look a little crumbly like this...

Step 5 > Slowly add extra teaspoons of coloured water to the mix until you reach a gooey slimey consistency.

It's a lot like making cupcake icing really and only takes a minute or two to do.

How to mix green slime

If you made it too watery, just add a little more flour.

If it becomes too dry, especially after the kids have played with it for a while, just add a little more water.

How do you know if the slime is the right consistency?

When you scoop it up with a knife it should slowly drip down like a goopy mess. AND when you grab a bunch of it in your hand you should be able to roll a ball.

While you are rolling your hands together, it will keep its shape and as soon as you stop, it turns straight back to gooey slime and drips everywhere!

Edible Non-Toxic home made slime

Congratulations, you've made slime and are probably going to be the favourite grown-up for the day, or maybe even the entire week!

You also taught your kids something about science they aren't likely to forget AND you did it waste free.

I hope you have as much fun as we do with this recipe, don't forget to pin it for later!

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