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25 Beeautiful Gift Ideas For Bee Lovers and Honey Addicts

If you're looking for a perfect present for a bee lover, bee keeper, or an avid honey eater, here are 25 beeautiful gifts to consider. These are eco-friendly, sustainable and all available in Australia plus many ship internationally..

I am obsessed with all things bees and honey related and get a real buzz finding books on bees, natural beeswax skin care, gourmet honey and fun bee themed stuff.

25 Beeautiful Gifts For Bee Lovers and Honey Addicts

I think my honey obsession started at a young age when every year we would go to the agricultural section of the royal show and do the honey tastings - it was my favourite thing to do and I still love it.

For years I had a bee phobia to the point where I would literally run away if I saw a bee, much to the amusement of everyone around me. Super embarrassing too! All this aside, these days I'm encouraging bees in my garden and am fascinated with them and still a little over cautious.

I have found so many absolutely gorgeous bee and honey themed gifts, this list is my favourite finds.

Perfect if you're looking for a gift or just something for yourself.

This post does contain some affiliate links. This means the price is the same to you, but if you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This all goes towards keeping this website up and running, thanks for your support.

Prices included below are current, however may change.

bee gift pack

1. Beautiful Bee Gift Pack

A curated selection of organic, natural and handmade items from beekeepers in the Blue Mountains. Nina has some absolutely gorgeous products and is super eco conscious when it comes to packaging.

Find it here for around $80

personalised Bee Happy Cushion

2. Personalised Bee Happy Cushion

You can customise this cute bee happy cushion for that special person. If you prefer not to have name you can insert your own text or just enjoy it blank.

Find it here for $49.99

3. A Bee Revival Kit

YES it is actually a kit to revive bees! This nifty gift attaches to your key ring and you can save bees by offering them some of the ambrosia bee food syrup inside. Super eco-friendly, the bottle is refillable, and held within a casing to protect it. I absolutely love how unique this is and such a brilliant gift for nature wanderers.

Find it here for around $20

Glass Honey Pot and Drizzler Set

4. Kilner Glass Honey Pot and Drizzler

This glass honey pot has a rubber seal and clip closure to keep honey safe, super handy for refilling at your local bulk store. The wooden honey drizzler helps to keep it free from toast crumbs and butter.

Find it here for 19.95

bee mug

5. Always Bee Yourself Mug

This beautiful mug makes a great thank you gift, or teacher gift. Handmade and ships Australia wide.

Find it here for around $20

bee nursery mobile felt

6. Honey Bee Baby Mobile

Handmade from wool felt and sustainable materials this is a super cute new baby gift that will impress. Because these are handmade, limited quantities are available.

Find it here for around $90, ships internationally.

7. Teacher Appreciation Beehive Gift Set

A gorgeous felted wool bee themed purse with a natural handmade lipbalm and lotion bar. I love the charming design and it makes a practical, simple gift for bee lovers.

Find it here for around $30

bumblebee suncatcher

8. Handmade Bee Sun Catcher

This Handcrafted stained glass bumble bee is ideal for brightening up a space and each one is slightly different. Ships internationally from The Ukraine.

Find it here for around $100

Honey bee hive vase

9. Honey Bee Planter Pot

Handmade in Australia this ceramic honey bee planter pot is absolutely perfect for growing herbs or succulents.

Find it here for around $30

10. The Book of Bees

Full of interesting facts about bees from the dinosaur era to now, this book will bee adored by young and old bee lovers.

Find it here for $35

11. Metal Bee and Hive Garden Art

I love this rustic design, a great addition to any bee friendly garden and can be attached to fences, posts or walls. A beespoke design by a husband and wife team in the UK (yes they ship internationally).

Find it here for around $90

12. Australian Native Bee Book Gift Pack

With more people thinking about keeping their own bees either in suburbia or rural locations, this is a fab book to have. Coupled with local neighbourhood honey and seed balls to help your quest for a bee garden sanctuary.

Get it here for $60

Bee and Leaf Ring

13. Bee and Leaf Ring

This gorgeous adjustable ring is handcrafted in Australia and I love the detail of the bee and gold leaf. It does come in different sizes, made to order and is gift boxed.

Find it here for $22.80

14. Raw Florida Honey Gift Set

Beautiful honey from northern Florida, this pack is lovingly put together by Emilee and her small team. The set includes a delicious assortment of honey, and honey items such as a hive candle, body butter, soap and lip balm.

Find it here for $50

15. Golden Honeycomb and Bees Tie

Perfect for beekeepers and bee lovers, these neck ties are a great gift for anyone who has to don a tie from time to time and wants to express their bee side.

Find here for around $60

16. Honey and Bee Gold Earring Set

Handmade from gold plated sterling silver this earing set is a fun way to show off your bee obsession.

Honeycomb Wine Rack

17. Honeycomb Wine Rack

For those with a love for honey AND wine (or just honey wine), this hexagonal honeycomb wine rack is perfect. Made from cast iron, holds 9 precious bottles.

Find it here for $22.99

vintage look bee coaster set

18. Vintage Look Bee and Hive Drink Coaster Gift Set

This ceramic coaster set with a non slip backing can withstand plenty of heat from your hot milk and honey. I love the vintage design and as these are handmade they make a really cute unique gift without breaking the bank.

The Australasian Beekeeper Magazine Subscription

19. A Subscription to Australasian Beekeeper magazine

The first issue came out in 1899, this unique magazine is aimed at the backyard beekeeper as well as those doing it professionally. Covering a huge range of topics relevant to the doers rather than the dreamers.

Get it here for $25 for 3 months or $94 for 12 months

Honey, beeswax natural gift soap

20. Honey & Beeswax Gift Soap

Handcrafted in the Blue Mountains this is an all natural beeswax, honey & calendula soap. It also contains organic coconut oil and other yummy skin friendly ingredients completely free from synthetic fragrances.

bee phone cover

21. Eco-Friendly Honey Bee Phone Cover

A beeutiful bright yellow, plant based phone cover featuring honeycomb and bees. Super grippy texture and very eyecatching!

The Honey Factory

22. The Honey Factory

What happens in the beehive, doesn't have to stay in the beehive. Get the lowdown on what the Queen really does, what the workers are up to and their amazing ways of communicating.

Find it here for $32.99

Native Australian Bee Poster

23. Native Australian Bee Poster

I discovered this when we went to a bee hotel making workshop and it is such a handy resource for identifying native bees you might see in your garden or on nature walks. These are available for different states of Australia and make a beautiful framed print.

Bee Hotel

24. Bee Hotel

A little garden bee hotel for native bees is a cute gift for bee enthusiasts and gardeners. We can't afford to lose our native bees and this is such an easy way to help them.

Made in Brisbane from repurposed timber boxes and bamboo weeds. Did you know bee houses shipped to Australia from other countries have to be treated for pests? It also means bees and insects won't move in. So stick to locally made bee hotels.

Find it here for $69

25. Honeybee Glass Teapot

I am totally in love with this handmade glass teapot with the honeycomb and bees buzzing around. It is heatproof and non toxic paints have been used.. BUT beeware, due to being handmade there will not always be some in stock.


This is just a taste of the fun, interesting and unique gift ideas for bee lovers and honey connoisseurs in your life. Now the problem is choosing!

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