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Make Your Own Natural Reed Diffuser

Make your own reed diffusers to avoid chemical and synthetic fragrances. Choose natural wood and bamboo based materials for diffusers and blend essential oils for a home made ecofriendly choice.

This simple DIY diffuser will have your rooms smelling fresh and fragrant at a fraction of the cost and can be created with zero waste. I'll also give you some nifty ideas for natural alternatives for diffusing.

DIY Natural Reed Diffuser

Synthetic, chemical air fresheners are, in my opinion, one of the worst things you can bring into your home or office.

Although they may have a pleasant aroma, they really are literally full of ingredients that are bad for our health and our homes.

For people like me, who are over sensitive to chemicals, it is a source of frustration when I head to a friend's house, only to leave early because my tongue feels like I've licked five thousand postage stamps or I can't stop coughing.

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Almost everyone has a cute glass jar or bottle they have saved, and I bet if you check the back of your kitchen drawers, you'll find a bunch of wooden skewers. Of course if you have an empty reed diffuser and some unused reeds then go ahead and use those.

If you don't have reeds, you can use small sticks or twigs, and even those long funny things that fall off pine trees (I really wish I knew what they were called!).

A big part of eco-friendly living means reusing or repurposing what you have, or finding alternative items to use, this includes jars.

Jam jars or small condiment jars work really well for this, despite not having a tapered opening, so there is no need to head to the shop and purchase a new item.


Making a Reed Diffuser

What you will need:

Wooden skewers/sticks (or reeds if you have them)

A small glass jar or bottle

Liquid coconut oil

20-40 drops of Essential Oils

Liquid coconut oil is available in the cooking aisle of most supermarkets and is the ideal choice due to its low aroma. Note that you really need the liquid or fractionated form and not natural coconut oil which firms up when cold.

You can substitute for olive or other oils but most have a detectable underlying scent that can impact the overall aroma and how long the mixture lasts. I find vegetable oil to be the least best option, but if that's all you have, you can certainly still use it.

Be sure to use good quality essential oils and choose a reliable brand either online or at your local health shop to avoid synthetic fragrances. Eco Modern Essentials is a great Australian brand, they source ethically, manufacture locally and ship as low waste as possible.

Select the scents that appeal to you most, or those that you find to have worthwhile and useful properties.

Combining 3 or 4 different essential oils is a simple way to create your own fragrance.

You will only need around 20-40 drops to start with which is between 1-2 mls of essential oil.



>Add your coconut oil base straight into the jar or bottle until it is 1/4 to ½ full

>Next, select your scent(s) and add 20-40 drops (or 1-2 mls) of essential oils.

(quantity will vary depending on the essential oil, the size of the room and personal preference)

>Once you’re happy with the oil blend, insert about 10 - 20 wooden skewers and leave for several hours, or overnight to soak up the oil

Soak reeds or skewers in the diffuser blend

> Once one end of your skewers have drawn up the oil mixture, flip them up the other way around and find a permanent spot to keep them

You’ve now created your own eco-friendly air freshener alternative without any chemicals and with an enjoyable fragrance you chose yourself.


Tips on Selecting an Essential Oil Blend for Your Reed Diffuser

The simplest way to test if essential oil fragrances are compatible, is to remove the lids and waft them all together under your nose. If it smells great, then it’s a match.

You can also take the guess work out it by opting for a pre-blended oil.

This time, I used a Summer Blend of Lime, Orange and Bergamont, which smells so fresh, uplifting and cheerful.

Selecting essential oil blends for your reed diffuser

Experiment with diffuser blends in different rooms of the house:

> Bedroom

Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang can be very calming and promote a restful atmosphere. This Deep Sleep Essential Oil Kit contains all you need including Dream Drops.

> Bathroom & Laundry

Citrus, Eucalyptus,Tea Tree and Peppermint oils give a clean, fresh aroma when diffused or used in DIY green cleaning products.

For a more sophisticated fragrance, try something like this Santorini Blend which combines Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, Geranium and Peppermint.

>Living Areas

Anything goes in general living spaces, and there are so many options for blending different oils. Things can get a little chaotic in our home so I usually head for something like a Calm & De-stress Blend,


Cinnamon, orange, nutmeg and clove and great for setting the holiday mood and a hygge atmosphere. This Christmas Essential Oil Pack will give you a good idea of compatible oils to mix and match your own fragrance.


Diffuser Tips Worth Knowing

Every now and again flip the skewers the other way to refresh and when the scent fades, simply top up with your favourite essential oils.

Keep them out of reach from small children and pets, they can make a mess if knocked over and of course shouldn't be ingested.

For a non-spill option, forage for pinecones at your local park. You can add essential oil blends directly to them, and they look gorgeous at Christmas as functional decor. Do place them in a non-plastic bowl though.

Foraged Pincones can be a natural diffuser

Do keep them away from heat sources and direct sunlight that will cause the oils to deteriorate.

If they get dusty over time, simply rinse under the tap and dry on a tea towel, or wipe with a cloth and small amount of oil.


These home made diffusers can be used indefinitely in any room of the home providing beautiful fragrances, that are non-toxic, safe and tailorable.

These also make a great zero waste housewarming, Christmas or thank you gift that you can whip up at the last minute.

Have fun creating your own blends and don't forget to pin it for later.

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