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Repurpose Your Bamboo Toothbrush into a Plant Marker

Your bamboo toothbrush might be biodegradable but you don't have to throw it straight onto the compost heap. It can be repurposed and upcycled into a cute pot plant maker, perfect for identifying herbs and seeds.

Repurpose Your Bamboo Toothbrush into a Plant Marker

(A big thank you to Chitra Sekhar from Happy Garden, for her Potted Mint photos, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook)

Making the swap to bamboo toothbrushes and going plastic free was pretty easy. Now I want to repurpose them. Even though they are biodegradable, these can last a good few years before you need to get rid of them.

My dentist still gives me a plastic toothbrush every time I visit which is maybe 2-3 times a year along with the mini toothpastes. AND I always accept them and say thanks!

It's not eco-friendly at ALL, but there are a lot of homeless people in Australia and that is where mine head to.

How To Upcycle Your Toothbrush

1. Remove the Bristles

This is easily done with a pair of pliers. Just grab the bristles, twist and pull downwards to pluck them out. Assuming you have plastic bristles like I do, these will need to go into the bin OR placed into a milk jug with other small plastics for recycling. (Double check with your local council).

As you can see below, I had some with white and some with black bristles and it ended up looking a bit like a hair removal project that went wrong.

Removing bristles from a bamboo toothbrush

2. Clean It

I know it's headed to the garden, but you want it to look great, not like an old toothbrush. Use a dish brush or scourer to clean up your brush and if you really want to put in the effort, you can sand it.

I also painted mine with some leftover green paint we had lying around, but they look great as natural bamboo too.

(My cat loves to photo bomb garden pics)

Potted Basil

3. Finishing Up

Label and place the brush head first into the soil and you're all done.

It's a super easy project that anyone can do, even kids.

You can apply your creativity and decorate them, or just go natural with these.

(Photo by Chitra Sekhar from Happy Garden)

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