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Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

This homemade lemon sugar scrub uses simple ingredients, is fabulous for your skin and can be made in under 5 minutes. The sugar acts as an exfoliant while the olive oil moisturises skin, leaving you with a zesty lemon fragrance.

Lemon Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

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3/4 Cup of White Sugar

1/4 Cup Oil (Olive, Coconut, Almond, Hemp)

15-20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

How To Make It

Using a glass jar, add the sugar first.

Next drop in your essential oil and lastly add the oil slowly and mix. You will probably need a little less than 1/4 of a cup and you want it to look a little crumbly rather than super oily.

Using olive oil will give you a beautiful lemon coloured scrub, but choose which oil you prefer to use on your skin.

Store in a glass container, or if you really want to avoid glass in the bathroom - opt for a PET 1 or 2 plastic container (check the bottom for the plastic code) so the essential oil doesn't degrade the plastic over time.

Lemon Sugar Scrub Ingredients

An alternative is to essential oils is to use fresh lemon zest, this is not quite as effective and you need to be mindful of how long it will be in the jar as it can start to deteriorate.

Be cautious when using essential oils if you are planning on being in the sun as citrus oils, can increase sun sensitivity.

I love this scrub, the lemon is like a burst of sunshine in the shower and it is fantastic on my feet after a long day.

There are plenty of variations you can do with this scrub by substituting with various essential oils. Try Sweet Orange, Grapefruit or your favourite essential oils.

This can be a great little home made last minute gift, placed into a repurposed jar.

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