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Green Clean Your Microwave

It is so simple to green clean your microwave oven without any toxic chemicals or expensive gadgets. Here's a natural eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning hack guaranteed to get your microwave spotless (without endless scrubbing).

Green Clean Your Microwave

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I don't know what has been happening inside my microwave this week, but as you can see the before and after below, it was absolutely filthy!!!!!

I'm not the type to be fanatical about the housework, but this kind of makes me feel ill to look at AND it's a little embarrassing to share.

Food splatter can cause a huge mess and when it isn't wiped off straight away, it can become pretty hard to clean.

My disgusting microwave!

Chemical cleaners are not ideal where your food is going to be, as many contain toxic ingredients. We also don't want to be breathing that stuff in while we clean.

Going green, we can avoid all this while saving money AND space in our kitchen.

There is a cute little item called an angry mama that does pretty much the same thing, however you don't actually need it and I'll show you how to do it with items you already have.

Angry Mama microwave cleaner

How To Green Clean Your Microwave

1. Fill a coffee mug with half vinegar, half water

2. Blitz for 2-3 minutes

3. Leave for 10 minutes (to let the steam do its magic)

4. Carefully remove hot mug

5. Wipe with a dish cloth and dry with a teatowel

Add lemon, lime or orange rind for a beautiful smell.

You can add a few drops of essential oil if you prefer.

I really love Tangerine or or Lemon essential oil for this purpose.

Before and after shot of microwave oven

This is a cheap, non-toxic alternative for cleaning your microwaves that won't result in plastic packaging and useless trash.

The only down-side of this method is that it is pretty much guaranteed that the minute you clean this someone WILL instantly reheat pasta or curry on high!

But hey, you can always share this neat trick with them!

Get the lowdown on How To Start Green Cleaning Your Home & Car or head to the green cleaning topics on this site.

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