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Toilet Bomb Fail

Yes, I actually FAILED at Toilet Bombs!

Having attended a workshop recently, I discovered Toilet Bombs are a great way to clean with very little effort required (even your kids can do it) which made me very interested!!

A toilet bomb is basically a pre-prepared cube to throw into the toilet for cleaning.

Watching the DIY demonstration, they looked super simple to mix up, pop into a mould and wait 24-48 hours for them to set.

Toilet Bomb Fail - Yes, I actually failed at toilet bombs

Making the toilet bombs is very similar to bath bombs, so there is a little bit of fiddling around that I'm not completely sure is worth the effort.

(Especially when I have a Toilet Bomb Cheat that takes all the work out of it!)

It turns out that you should actually follow the recipe too - which I didn't as I always take recipes as a suggestion, rather than specific things to do.

I had chosen to add lemon and wild orange essential oils to the mix, as I love these aromas in home made cleaning products.

This lead me to thinking what a fabulous idea to colour them yellow (with a few drops food colouring) to identify them, especially as these will be so useful I planned to make a whole heap of different scented toilet bombs. Purple lavender toilet bombs, orange bombs, green lime bombs, so many choices.

Well, DO NOT ever add yellow colouring!

A few other deviations from the recipe meant my bombs lost their fizz in the process and were a big disappointment.

When we went to use them, my 5 year old eagerly awaiting some magic to happen, which didn't. Not wanting to disappoint her, I threw a heap of them into the toilet and yes, we got a bit of fizz action.

All was good and we headed off to school.

A few hours later I returned home to view the results and ...well basically, it looked like one of the boys had used the toilet and forgot to flush. All I could see was yellow in the toilet bowl!

I gave it a good scrub and overall, they did clean the toilet ok, and they look pretty cute in the Jar. But for all the effort required I just don't think it is worth it.

Making them resulted in a big mess of powder on my kitchen bench and floor, plus I cannot get the smell of essential oils out of the ice-cube tray that I used.

There are much easier ways to clean a toilet but for now I will continue to use these up and go back to my usual cheat.

This is far easier and less time consuming and personally, the results are far better.

What are your thoughts on toilet bombs? Worth the trouble or not?

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