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Unfortunately, traditional glitter is bad for the environment because it is made up of tiny pieces of plastic, BUT what do you do with your old glitter? Should you throw it out? use it? donate it? or hide it in a cupboard for eternity? There are a couple of ways to d...

Make your own natural, eco friendly and zero waste miniature Christmas trees from Pinecones using recycled materials. Sometimes the simplest crafts are the most fun when preparing for Christmas. There are so many options for making these cute Pinecone Christmas trees,...

This DIY Slime recipe is edible, non-toxic, borax free, glue free, ecofriendly and literally green! With just corn starch or cornflour, a little water and your favourite colour, you'll have perfect slime within minutes. Confession time....I hate slime! and the ki...

Old t-shirts, tops, dresses and nighties can be transformed in 5 minutes into no-sew t-shirt bag. This is also an effective way to repurpose synthetic fabrics that you don't want to wash very often due to the microfibres.

Simple ecofriendly Valentine's Day love hearts made from yarn or twine can be a cute gift or decoration that is budget friendly. Follow these step-by-step instructions and make your own in less than 10 minutes.

You will need:

Yarn or twine




Pencil or...

Creating your own homemade wood butter (or board butter) is a cinch and wooden chopping boards only need a little care to bring them back to life. This DIY recipe oils and protects the wood, keeping your bread boards and implements in great condition.

We have a collecti...

This no cook playdough recipe will give you perfect soft play dough every time and if stored correctly can easily last up to 6-8 months. This can keep kids busy for hours using their imaginations and is a fabulous school holiday activity. I'm still surprised how m...

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10 Dec 2019

Wondering where to find inexpensive eco gifts that people will actually want to receive? Don't sweat, I've done the hard work for you (well....some of it). All these gifts are eco-friendly and budget friendly coming in at under $15, perfect for friends, family, teachers and the dreaded workplace kris kringle.

26 Oct 2019

Growing avocado seeds is easy once you know how, but it does require a little patience. This post will take you through the key steps you need to do to get those seeds to grow into an avocado plant. Forget everything you have ever heard about it being difficult or impossible to grow an avocado seed! It is true that not all seeds will work (which is completely normal in nature), but in my experience most will successfully gro...

18 Oct 2019

If you’re wondering how to design an energy efficient home, you aren’t alone. Many Australians are incorporating eco-friendly design features in their new build homes, so here are some key elements to think about when you’re designing your home with energy efficiency in mind. Many Australians are incorporating eco-friendly design features in their new build homes, so here are some key elements to think about when you’re desi...

9 Oct 2019

Have frizzy, curly or dry hair, and need a zero waste alternative to leave-in conditioners? Here are 4 amazing plastic-free options you need to try! It has taken me a long time to get the perfect zero waste hair care routine but completely worth the effort. But finding good leave-in hair products has been the hardest.

We were all been taught to reduce, reuse, and recycle when we were little kids, right? Sure, these ways to care for the environment are nothing new. But nowadays there’s also vegetarianism and veganism, sustainable resources, hybrid vehicles, and so many other eco-friendly initiatives that it’s almost hard to keep track. The advocacy to be eco-friendly is everywhere, even in our favorite TV shows - both new and old. As a...

1 Oct 2019

Planning a party and wondering how to replace balloons with an eco-friendly option? (and yes I'm including a brilliant zero waste alternative to water balloons too!) Here is a huge list of balloon alternatives to make any occasion greener with less trash. Balloons cause many environmental problems including polluting waterways and harming wildlife. They certainly add colour and a fun atmosphere to a party but there ar...

29 Sep 2019

Every homeowner strives to have a clean, germ free home. However, what many don’t realise is that even the cleaning products we use around our homes can contain some dangerous toxins. This can have many unpleasant repercussions in our long-term health, especially in terms of allergies and respiratory diseases. Fortunately, there are many green cleaning alternatives, which can provide us with a sanitary environment without...

26 Sep 2019

Not everyone cares about the planet as much as you do, but what sustainable gifts can you give for people who just don't give a sh*t about the environment? You can find zero waste and eco friendly gifts that are a little more subtle, and the gift receiver doesn't even need to know they are sustainable and great for the planet (and available in Australia) Forget beeswax wraps, reusable straws, expensive shampoo bars t...

25 Sep 2019

Do you put items into recycling bins in the hopes it can actually be recycled?  Or maybe just items you're a little unsure of, but decide to pop it in your recycling bin anyway? Then you are wishcycling! We've all done it, but there are lots of great reasons to put a stop to your wishcycing and be a little more thoughtful (and a little less aspirational).

24 Sep 2019

The trouble with picnics is that they often come with a lot of pre-packaged food, or food you have prepared wrapped up in cling wrap, which isn’t great for the environment. Here are some ways you can enjoy a plastic free picnic:

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